Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 5 - Dogs & Walking

So I decided I would answer all the questions you've been asking first this week so I can make sure I don't forget any of them!
Dad-All the food I've been fed is actually pretty good! A lot of meat and potato's which is fine with me! We're getting about 2 dinner appointments a week which is legit! One thing I have yet to eat though that every new missionary has to eat is a Kebab. It's a popular European meal where all it is, is a bunch of meat stuffed into a tortilla. It sounds good at first but then the older missionaries told me the meat you have to have in your first Kebab on the mission. It's called Donner meat, and no one really knows what it is.. other than the fact that it is banned by the FDA in the U.S. My companion is sick today so we probably won't go get my first one today but probably next P-day we will! Haha most missionaries eat chicken or steak Kebab's which sounds real good so I might eat one of those instead of the Donner meat.

My feet are a little sore from walking! I had some blisters after the first week but they're gone now.  But we might get bikes soon so that would mean not as much walking!

I think we do walk past the Kerrigan's pub quite a bit but i'm not totally sure... there's a pub pretty much on every corner so I guarantee I've walked past it at least a few times.

As for the pageant, what the whole thing was about was the history of the Church in the British Isles, which is mostly all the missionary work done by the Apostles. At the end the main character talks about how the church is continuing to grow in Great Britain today and yells out something like "Tonight we're joined by missionaries from these latter-days who are continuing the work!" And then all of us missionaries from the MTC (about 100 of us) walked in from behind the audience singing called to serve. We walked onto the stage and then sang the grand finale song with the rest of the actors! We didn't have to dress up at all since we were already in our "costumes" all day as missionaries anyway.

It hasn't been that rainy! This is the hottest summer Ireland has had in forever! But we did get poured on while out tracting on Thursday.

Alright well now I'll tell you guys all about my week!

So like I said earlier I went on exchanges for the first time this week. I went to the Clonsilla area in Dublin with one of Zone Leaders! His name was Elder Holm and he's from Vegas. He actually went to high school with Bryce Harper and played baseball with him! We got along really well so it was a blast going around doing missionary work with him for a day. I learned a lot from him because we both have similar personalities and we both teach in a similar way. It helped me figure out some things that I should do when I teach that I hadn't been able to figure out quite yet. The best part of exchanges was staying in Dublin. All I know is I want to serve in the Clonsilla are in Dublin for the rest of my mission. The missionaries there stay in a house. Yeah, a house. It was so nice! I couldn't believe it!! The house belongs to an older couple in the ward and they are currently out serving a mission and so they let our mission use the house for missionaries!! I was so jealous! I also got to drive around in a car all day and I realized just how nice that was. We got so much more missionary work done, it made me wish we had a car in Mullingar.
This week we didn't really get to teach too many lessons, mostly because we couldn't find anybody and then Elder Goldie got really sick and so we couldn't even leave the flat Saturday and Sunday. We are working with our investigator S., and a less-active young man named C. C. is progressing pretty well so that is cool! He didn't believe in God at all anymore before I got here but now he started to get his faith back that God is there for him and loves him! A kinda funny thing happened when we were teaching him this past week though. He has these 2 huge pit bull/rotweiler type dogs that look like they could easily kill me and Elder Goldie. I'm pretty sure one of them is like half jaguar. When we teach him we stay on his front porch because they would attack us if we went inside. However during this lesson C. opened the door to go grab something inside and the 2 dogs got out!! I hopped over this rail by his driveway and hid behind the wall, while my companion took off running the other direction and tried to hop another fence that was only 3 feet high or so. He didn't quite make it over and the one dog that looks like half jaguar barely bit his hand before C. dove on the dog and wrestled him inside. The other dog the whole time was looking for me and then it took off after my companion right after C. tackled the half-jaguar dog. My companion just kept jumping back and forth over the fence and the dog was basically going around in circles trying to get him! Eventually Caelum wrestled both dogs inside and we both made it out okay. Elder Goldie had a tiny bite mark that didn't even hurt so we were blessed to make it out okay!! It was a pretty crazy experience to go through but we just laugh about it now. The other highlight of my week was giving a talk yesterday! I was asked on Wednesday to give a talk on a topic of my choice and so I spoke on Conversion. It went pretty well! I didn't even write it out. I just wrote down the scriptures and what I wanted to use for certain points and then I just went for it. I spoke for like 20 minutes and after sacrament meeting the Branch President said he wished I could have just spoken for the whole meeting! It goes to show how much the lord is helping me grow spiritually, cause I never would have been able to get up and talk that long without the Lord helping me out through the power of the Holy Ghost. Even though the week was tough as far as finding people to teach, it was so rewarding because I can already see how much I've grown on my mission so far. Missionary work is so Awesome!!! I realized yesterday that I left home a month ago, and I actually got kinda sad that a month of my mission has already gone by! It's weird because normally missionaries like me think their mission goes by slow, but right now I feel like 2 years is such a short amount of time! It's good because i'm taking advantage of the time I have as a missionary and making sure I don't waste any of it, but also bad cause I feel like my mission is already going by faster than I want it to! I feel like I left home yesterday.

So a couple things that i've been meaning to email home and tell you guys about since i've been here but have just forgotten:
All the street signs here are in english but also Gaelic! It's kinda cool cause i'm working on learning words in Gaelic. Mullingar is: an Mullean gCarr in Gaelic. Sometimes people pretend they only speak gaelic to us so they don't have to talk to us.

I also totally forgot to tell you that Elder Austin (Scotty) is in Clondalkin! Which I think is close to Dublin but i'm not sure. I know we are in the same zone though so I'll see him at Zone conference this Thursday!

Well I think that was everything I needed to tell you guys! I hope everyone is doing well back home! I love you all and want you to know that this Church is true! God loves each of us so much and is always watching over us! He will always be there if you need help!