Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 6 - Slow Week

Hello Everyone!

Well this week was a little on the slow side because Elder Goldie had strep throat so we stayed in the flat the whole week. This week was the first time I felt like my mission was going by slowly, so it just goes to show that when you are out working hard, you really do forget yourself and stop worrying about time! Elder Goldie slept pretty much every day so I got to do a TON of studying haha. It was good though! I decided 2 weeks ago that I wanted to take a paperback Book of Mormon and read all the way through it and mark it up with a ton of thoughts and revelation I received while reading. I've already made it to Alma 31 which is a little over halfway, and on every page, every bit of white is pretty much written on! Haha I was thinking it would be cool to read a BOM and mark it up during the first 2 moves and then do it again on another paperback BOM over the last 2 moves of my mission (moves are 6 weeks by the way) and see how my thoughts while reading were different at the beginning and end of my mission. I got to go in to Dublin for Zone Conference on Thursday and learned a ton from that! President Brown is such an awesome mission president and I love the training he gave us. I also got to see Scotty there! That was pretty cool to see him and a couple other elders that were in my group. All of us new elders got to bare our testimonies at the beginning of Zone Conference so that was pretty cool as well. I also went on exchanges with my district leader this week in Sligo, which is basically on the west coast of Ireland. So I've now been on the west and east coast of Ireland! Exchanges are awesome because you get to see how other missionaries do things and for me that is really helpful because I'm still figuring out how to be a missionary! I'm enjoying the mission so much, and I'm getting very excited about the work in Mullingar! The branch has started to come around and it feels like they are getting excited about missionary work so that will be a huge help to us with finding new investigators and then having people fellowship those investigators when they come to church. That's pretty much everything that happened this week though! (like I said, kinda a slower week). Elder Goldie is feeling better today so hopefully we'll get a lot done this coming week! To answer some of your questions, I haven't played any Hurling or Gaelic Football yet, but we do have a Sliotar (ball used in Hurling) and a Gaelic Football in the flat! Mostly I play a ton of soccer on p-day. Since we live so far away from everyone else in our District, we can't get together and play so me, Elder Goldie, and Caelum our less-active we are teaching, usually just go to the pitch and play soccer together. I'm getting really good at juggling a soccer ball, and my goal is to be pro at it when I get back home! Haha I do it all the time in the flat when I need a quick break from studying. I exercise every morning and I usually just do an ab/bands workout, because that is about all we have room for. I'm gonna be pretty ripped by the time I get home!.... actually probably not. I also got the letter from you guys just today so I'm gonna read it after we finish emailing and shopping!
The scripture for my mission plaque you can use is Helaman 5:12, It's my favorite!

Dakota: That experience you had with your friend is so awesome man! Being led by the Spirit to know what to say is up there as one of the coolest things I've felt on my mission so far. It's great to feel like the Lord is able to do his work through you. I love it! I studied it a little this morning when I was reading in Alma 26, it talks about how Ammon and his brethren were so happy and rejoiced in the fact that they were able to be instruments in the Lord's hand in bringing souls unto salvation. Letting the Spirit guide you when you teach is the best way to be an instrument in the Lord's hand and to have the Lord do his work through you! And that is awesome that you knocked a kid out in football, and it's pretty sweet to hear that you're starting! It definitely would suck to see your buddy get hurt, but you're right, thats football. Keep working hard and don't forget to study the scriptures every day!