Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 8, 9/16/2013

Hello everyone!
Well yesterday was the first time I've had moves calls while out in the field! My district leader is going to Limerick to be the Zone leader there, and then one Elder in my district is going to Clonsilla and his companion is going to stay in Dundalk and train a new missionary! So I'll have a new district leader for this moves. And to answer your question Dad, Elder Goldie will train me for the 3 months! Moves calls, or maybe you called them transfers in your day, are usually every 6 weeks. New missionaries are trained for 2 moves or 12 weeks, and it's very rare that a new missionary has a different trainer for the second moves of his training but it does happen sometimes! But not for me. So me and Elder Goldie will be in Mullingar for another 6 weeks and then most likely one of us will stay while the other will leave. But I'll worry about that in 6 weeks! Oh the other thing I was gonna tell you guys, I didn't mean that people in Ireland hug a lot, I meant that all the missionaries in our mission hug each other instead of shaking hands when we see each other, not the actual people in Ireland. Our mission president is a hugger and so all of us missionaries hug each other. But people in Ireland are pretty mean and grumpy, so we're lucky if someone even smiles at us, let alone hug us! Haha so I don't remember who asked it but no it isn't hard to avoid girls trying to hug us out here.

This week went pretty well, we didn't teach as many lessons but the few we did teach went well. We taught S. one lesson, and going in to the lesson we were pretty sure we were gonna drop him. He hadn't been reading scriptures or praying at all, and every time we asked him to, he said he couldn't because it made him feel guilty about not attending church because of his work. We basically taught him that even though he can't attend church right now because of work, that God doesn't want him to completely stop following Him. We told him that God asks us to do everything in our ability to follow Him, and if we have faith, God will always provide a way for us to follow Him. It was so awesome because we've taught S. this before, but me and Elder Goldie felt during the lesson that we should say it in a little bit different way, and all of a sudden, everything seemed to click for him. He realized that he should read the Book of Mormon, pray every day, and follow all the commandments because those are things that he can do, and that God wants him to do those things. He also said he will come to church every chance he gets, so in the summer when the soccer season is over, he said for those 4 months he will be at church every single week. We were so happy to hear that, and it goes to show how we as missionaries can't focus on the numbers (how many baptisms we get, or how many lessons we teach) but really on the fact that the numbers we record are actual people. If we just wanted numbers we wouldn't have helped S. realize that maybe while he is under this 5 year contract he can't be baptized because work keeps him from attending church. But maybe in 5 years or even before that a way will be provided where he doesn't have to coach on Sundays and as long as he is continually living the gospel to the best of his ability, he can be baptized then.
Another cool thing was we taught a lesson to these 2 guys on the street who were out knocking on doors trying to sell these energy meters to people. One of them apparently was named the number 1 hurling player in all of Ireland 2 years ago!(which by the way hurling is not a professional sport so all of the guys who play have to do jobs on the side just to survive, which is crazy cause apparently a lot of people go to see the games! You would think they would at least make some money!). So I have now offically taught a professional Nigerian Soccer player and one of the best Hurling players in Ireland!

Well that's about all that happened this week, it's starting to get really cold and windy, and then when you add rain in it gets really bad, but it's kinda fun cause it actually makes me feel more like a missionary! (I know, kinda weird) 

We are working hard to find new investigators to teach, and we are really focusing on helping the branch become stronger. The youth are so solid in our branch, and me and Elder Goldie have discussed with the branch president of how we can have the youth basically set the example for others. Me and Elder Goldie are going to run youth nights every Thursday now, but only for the first couple times to help the youth understand how it works, and then we're letting them run themselves pretty much. 

I think we have helped this area a lot already, and now hopefully we can help it even more! I know the Lord wants me to keep learning and working hard, and if I show him how willing I am to do His work, that's when He will lead us to His precious people that He has prepared to be taught by us. The Lord isn't going to provide us with people to teach when we aren't doing our part, mainly because we are dealing with peoples eternal salvation. The Lord won't trust us with people he has prepared unless we are doing our part and being as diligent as we can in doing His work. I love being a missionary!! 

Love you all!

Elder Benesch