Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 9, I'm liking the European Fashion!

Well this week went pretty well! Because it was moves week our P-day was on Wednesday, even though we still emailed on Monday, so it totally threw me off! I was just barely getting into the routine and then this week just kinda messed with my head. S. is doing awesome now! We taught him twice this week and when we saw him on Tuesday, before we could even leave him a reading assignment, he just yelled out "will you give me homework for next time?" He then assigned himself like 30 pages to read in the Book of Mormon for Thursday.  Then on Thursday we showed up and he had 3 pages full of notes on the 30 pages he read! He has such an awesome desire to learn and so I really am hoping and praying that he finds a way to get work off on Sundays before the 5 year contract is up. Yesterday we also had the Dublin stake conference so that was pretty cool! We got to see all the missionaries in our zone and I got to hang out with Elder Austin quite a bit so that was fun. President Brown was also there and we had some time where all of us missionaries just talked with him about the work before conference started. It was a great experience! President Brown is such an awesome mission president! We had some trouble traveling to Dublin though. Since the train wouldn't get us there in time for conference Sunday morning, we stayed the night on Saturday in Dublin with the Elders in the Mount Joy area. Problem was our train should've arrived in Dublin at 9pm, but it was delayed and we didn't get there until 10pm. Then me and Elder Goldie have no idea where to go, because both of us have only been to Dublin like 3 or 4 times so we ended up getting off the bus a little too early, and walked the streets of Dublin on a Saturday night until we finally made it to the Mount Joy elder's flat at 11! Missionaries are supposed to be inside at 9 so we were a little late... But it all worked out and I just thought it was pretty funny. Traveling in our mission is so crazy! Our mission also just lost 3 cars so it's gonna get even worse since we all have to rely on public transportation (which is really unreliable, especially in Ireland) even more! Well that's about all that happened this week, we got fed 3 times so that was cool! We've been consistently fed about 2 times a week which is great for being in a tiny little branch.

So Malia, I will definitely do the Flat Stanley thing for you! I'll probably just take pictures with him in town outside the cathedral because that's about the only thing that looks exciting here! I'll try finding some other cool places to take pictures with him though.
It sounds like all you kiddo's are having fun back home! I totally remembered it was your birthday Ethan and then last monday when I emailed I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got a pretty sweet present though. Maybe I'll try to find something cool from Ireland to send home to you! Mullingar doesn't have that much cool stuff though. I haven't even found a cool souvenir to buy yet other than maybe a Hurl, which is the wooden bat they use in hurling. But its huge and I'd rather not drag that around my whole mission! I'll probably buy one right before I go home.

Another thing you might think is funny is I'm already starting to like the "fashion" over here! Haha I love their white shirts, they're so much nicer and look way cooler than our american style white shirts. There's a place in town where you can get white shirts for like 2.50 euro! So before I leave here I'll buy like 3 or 4 and then I'll have about 8 shirts total, which should last me the rest of my mission. Which speaking of clothes, I bought some more stuff this week. I got my winter stuff like a hat, gloves, and another jumper (sweater) cause it is getting cold. Apparently in the winter missionaries wear thermals, then a white shirt, then a jumper, then a suit coat, and then they're heavy coat on top of all that, plus a beanie, scarf and gloves. So I decided I should probably prepare for the cold a little better! I didn't get a scarf since my coat zips up pretty high, but if I do ending up needing a scarf I'll get one. I also got a messenger bag. Missionaries coming out into the field aren't allowed to bring backpacks anymore, and all of us missionaries who have been out already can keep using backpacks but they would prefer for us to use a messenger bag, so I figured I would get one since they do look nicer and more professional. Sooner or later all the missionaries are probably going to have to have them anyway so I just got mine now.

Well that's it I think! I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well! Keep having fun back home and don't stop looking for missionary opportunities! After all every single member of the church is a missionary, and we should always look to help people find the happiness that we all have in our lives! Love you all!

Elder Benesch