Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 10 Pictures for Mom - which means I don't eat this week!

What up home!!
So this week was pretty average, we taught S. and C. and a couple other people on the street who all said what they seem to always say, "thats nice but I don't believe in God!" Haha but we're working hard and I know we'll find the people we need to find eventually. I've been getting a little hard on myself lately since we're not having success finding new people, but I have to realize that we're in one of the hardest areas in one of the toughest missions. So I gotta be a little less hard on myself! I have a funny story about that. Elder Goldie's friend is on a mission in Spain right now, but his visa was messed up so he spent his first 3 months in Salt Lake. He had something like 3 or 4 baptisms in those 3 months, and then finally got over to Spain. When he got there he was shocked because nobody would listen to him! He said he would talk to 300 people in a day and 298 would say no, and the other 2 are gypsies. Elder Goldie made fun of him and emailed him "Welcome to Europe!!" Haha that story helped me realize that I can't be too hard on myself when it comes to the amount of success we have. My new district leader is named Elder Wightman and he is pretty sweet! I get to go on exchanges with him thisTuesday so I'm pretty pumped for that. I'm also really excited about general conference, considering it's the Super Bowl for missionaries!
So this is for Mom: First of all, it costs some precious food/travel money for me to send pictures home so that's why I haven't sent any! Sorry! It just comes with being in Mullingar. Scotty can use a usb drive every week when he emails, plus he doesn't have to pay for it.... or travel across Ireland every week.... So I think I have a good excuse! Haha. You were right about the shoes though! I am going to buy more today because my feet are absolutely killing me. I got a huge blister on my left foot this week and it's been hurting so bad this whole week, and I can't give it time to heal since we have to walk everywhere. But its all good!
Dad's Questions: We eat pretty good, but we don't have a lot of time to cook. The first couple weeks I was here I was making a lot of good stuff, but I've realized now that I'd rather get to bed on time then stay up a little later to make fajitas or banana bread or whatever. I've been eating lots of pasta, spaghetti, grilled ham and cheese, pb and j, omelets, chicken quesadilla's with these herbal tortillas (cause that's the only tortillas they have), and just good old cereal and oatmeal. As for heat we haven't had to use it that much yet, but our flat is nice and has heaters in every room. Plus we're on the top floor and all the heat from the other rooms below us rise up into our room! So we're good.
Peyton: So glad to hear you're doing good in volleyball and choir! Sounds like fun! And just so you don't get beat up by an Irishman, Ireland is NOT a part of the U.K.!! Haha the Republic of Ireland reallllyyyyy doesn't like the U.K. so they would get mad if you said they were a part of it! Bagpipes are ridiculously expensive! Like we're talking a couple thousand dollars so I don't think i'll be getting any... sorry! (unless you want to buy me some!) haha love ya!!
Dakota/Ethan: I figure I'll put you together since you both talked about football! You guys sound like you're both doing well in football! E-dog it sounds like your making some Boss catches! haha, and Dakota that sounds like a real tough loss. It'll be a good test for your team though to see how you guys bounce back! Good teams have to be able to come back after losses pretty quick. Especially in high school football cause you guys don't have a lot of games to prove you're playoff worthy. Keep up the hard work and you're gonna win state!!
Well that does it, love you all and thanks for all you do for me!!!
Elder Benesch

Here's some pictures of Mullingar

Courthouse & library (where we email from)  in Mullingar

This is where we play soccer on Pday & the next picture is where we go to church (it's the office at the end)

This is downtown Dublin & me with Elder Frost

Sligo & a Free Mason's building

Proof that I do cook (yum! fajitas) & me on a typical day after tracking - soaking wet!

Just a little side note - I popped the color on almost all these pictures because it was sooooo gray & overcast, that the pictures didn't do justice to the beauty of the area