Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 11 - We're all MISSIONARIES!

Hello part-time missionaries!! (aka mi familia)

General Conference was AWESOME! I haven't even watched all the sessions yet but I'm so pumped up by it! NOW is the time for missionary work to go crazy! I got to watch all the Saturday sessions on Sunday, and we're going to just find time throughout the week to watch the other sessions. We just watched the 2 Saturday sessions with a member family last night. They fed us lunch and then we watched General Conference. We were supposed to go spend the night in Dublin on Saturday and watch all the sessions on Sunday with all the missionaries from our zone, but our zone leaders never told our district that in time.... (by the way we're known as the banished district in our mission). It takes us about an hour on a train to get to Dublin and the last train that goes from Mullingar to Dublin on Saturday is at 8 pm, and we found out we could come to Dublin at about 8:30 pm on Saturday night. So us and the Sligo missionaries, who NEVER get to see any other missionaries, had to stay and fend for ourselves to find a place to watch conference. So sadly I didn't get to go to Dublin, and we didn't get to attend a baptism!!! What a bummer. Alright now I'm done ranting about the lack of information our zone leaders give to our district. It didn't matter anyway cause I had a great experience watching conference, and I still learned so much from hearing the words of the prophets and apostles who spoke. I could literally write for the entire 2 hours about how awesome conference was so I'll stop there!! I will say though that member missionary work is going to be extremely important for this hastening of the work to go forward. We as full-time missionaries really can't do it without a joint-effort from the members as well. So I would encourage you guys to all do a little more missionary work! Believe it or not it will go a LONG way in helping the work progress. My challenge to you guys is to actually do the invitation that Elder Ballard left with all the members! Talk to 1 person about the gospel before this Christmas, (and I want to add a little more), invite one family to have the missionaries teach them in your home. I promise that if you do this you will find it's a lot easier than you think to share the gospel! And I promise that you guys will feel God's love for you more than ever before!

So some other stuff that happened this week. We found a new investigator!!! His name is M., and he is very curious about what we believe. He just recently got out of prison, and he is a bit of a rough guy, but he is super curious so it's awesome! We taught him a little bit of everything the first time we met with him because he asked so many questions! At the end before we left he said it all seems to make more sense than the Catholic church (he was raised catholic). We are seeing him for the second time tonight and are going to invite him to be baptized! I'm pumped! I also went on exchanges with my new DL, and he is pretty cool! He's from Idaho, and he taught me a lot! I love exchanges because I learn a lot from the different missionaries and how they approach talking with people and that kind of stuff. I got to lead out my area for the first time this exchange as well so that was cool! That means my DL came here to Mullingar, and I was in charge of doing everything basically! It was a good experience because it showed me how much I've improved as a missionary so far, and helped me know that I'm doing well! Me and my DL Elder Wightman got along really well, and had an awesome time. We talked a lot about the trials we face as missionaries in Ireland, but we both feel like its truly a blessing in disguise! We are being strengthened and refined so much more than if we went to a place where we would have a baptism almost every week! I just read this week about Zion's Camp, (look it up if you don't know a lot about it) and how the men that were in it, almost all were called into major leadership positions in the church after they withstood the trials they faced with strength. All in the camp that became leaders expressed that those trials they had to overcome helped them become the leaders the Lord needed them to be. The entire purpose of the camp's march was for the Lord to find those who could be his leaders. Those who could deal with the trials. We are going through the refiners fire to become what the Lord needs us to be throughout our lives. Me and Elder Wightman talked a lot about it, and it's just kinda cool to think about. Other than that I can't think of any other cool experiences that happened this week. Just a ton of searching for those who will listen to the message of the restored gospel!!

As for the type of proselyting we do dad, we do both tracting and street-contacting. When we go out finding we just literally try to talk and have friendly conversations with every person we see. We try not to go up to people on the street and say "would you like to hear a message about..." because no one is gonna listen to us if we stick to that. We really just try to spark up friendly conversations that lead into us teaching a gospel principle that will actually apply to that individual. So say its a mother walking with her 2 kids, we'll talk about how much the gospel can bless families and then tie it into the restoration right away. We have much more success just talking with people normally than going up and saying we have a message to share. We also ask everyone for referrals, even if we just met them for the first time and they wanted nothing to do with us.

Its good to hear about all the sports news! Dakota and Ethan I'm so pumped for the both of you! I definitely love hearing about the success you both are having! Keep up the good work! Please let me know more about baseball news! I will give you guys an assignment! I wanna hear how Didi Gregorious, Adam Eaton, Patrick Corbin, and AJ Pollock's seasons finished. Just let me know some of their stats and stuff, also how did Bryce Harper and Mike Trout do? Keep me updated on the playoffs too. Sorry, I just start thinking of all this stuff I wanna find out during this 2 hours to emailing. It's like the only time I get to think about sports other than soccer! I think that's everything, so thank you for the emails and info!