Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 12 - Rollercoaster Week

rollercoaster This week was pretty crazy, it started off so awesome!! Monday we had a fun P-day, and then Tuesday our zone leader Elder Lee came and spent the day here in Mullingar. He started his mission in this area so it was crazy to see how he was in my shoes a year and a half ago, but he felt like it was yesterday. So that was a great experience learning from Elder Lee for the day on exchanges, and then on Wednesday we went on exchanges again! I was with Elder Barney who has only been out 6 weeks more than me. It was super fun serving with him, He has a full-ride to play football (quarterback) at Weber State when he goes back home! Oh and my district leader Elder Wightman has a full-ride for track at Utah-State when he gets back home too! Our district is legit! Haha so the first half of the week was awesome, but then we hit the second half of the week. For some reason the second half of the week was super slow, and everyone we went to see or teach either didn't answer or told us to go away. It was pretty rough. But even with all the rejection, we still had some good experiences. On Friday we went to teach M., who we've only taught once before, and he wasn't there. When he didn't answer, I said it's because we're supposed to find someone else, and sure enough the second door we knocked on a college kid answered and listened to us for a little. We taught the restoration to him and even though he thought it sounded far-fetched, he took a Book of Mormon, said he would read it, and said we could come back and see how it went. I felt the spirit as I taught, and that helped me understand that I have been doing all that I can as a missionary, and I have to leave the rest up to the Lord. Even though its a bummer, I have to respect when other people choose not to listen to us, because everyone has their agency.

Even though we didn't teach a whole lot of lessons to investigators this week, we found a lot of people that said we could stop by their house this coming week, so hopefully we'll find some new investigators out of those people!

I just realized I sound kinda negative in this email, but I want you guys to know that I am still happier than ever! Sharing the gospel is such a great blessing to me in my life. I know that I am growing as an individual every day I go out and serve, and it's so cool to see how much I've already changed! Well that about does it for me this week.

Mom, you're totally right about making sacrifices to lift up our brothers and sisters. I'm really hoping our branch begins to understand that principle because that could really help it progress and grow. I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well with work, keep it up! You are helping those girls in their lives so much. There is a quote in preach my gospel, chapter 2. I don't know the exact page or who it's by (its either a prophet or an apostle) since I don't have my preach my gospel with me but it says: "A study of the gospel will change behavior faster than a study of behavior will change behavior." I just thought that was a really cool quote from a general authority, and its something that I think is so true in life. Look at how missionaries change when they come home after studying the gospel for 2 years!

Also the letters with stories from other missionaries we know are pretty cool. But you don't have to send those too often. Honestly, emailing is just fine with me. I'm not like most missionaries where I'm dying to get post from home!

I'm glad to hear that all you kids are doing well too! E dog thanks for the stats man!! Peyton you're team sounds amazing! Keep up the good work and go out and win the championship! Shooting guns sounds like fun! I'll have to tell the members here about that, Guns are completely banned over here so they were shocked when I told them I've shot a gun before. They think us Americans with our guns are crazy! haha

I hope to hear that Dakota's knee is okay, pcl or acl sounds bad. It's definitely a bummer though man! Sorry dude! Work hard and do all the physical therapy stuff you need to get it healed so you aren't out too long!

Last thing, here's some fun Irish slang:
the way the Irish say "What's up?" is "What's the crack?" or "What's the story?" instead of saying "good" they say "grand" i.e. "I'm grand" instead of "I'm good" or "that food was grand!" instead of "that food was good!" Instead of saying something like "that person over there..." they say "your man over there..." they say your man even if its a girl they are talking about! if something is cool, they say "that was deadly."

There's a lot more but I can't think of what else, but I'll probably come home talking like this!!

Love you all so much, and thank you all for your support and prayers. It really means a lot that you are all so supportive of me and have helped me so much so far on my mission!

Elder Benesch