Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's the crack?

What's the Crack!?!

This week was pretty slow, but I did have some cool experiences! Just about every appointment/try by we had fell through this week. It was pretty frustrating to have every person we wanted to teach this week tell us we couldn't this week, but at the same time I know I did all that I could this week and that is all that Heavenly Father asks of me. One great experience I got out of it though was after we tried by 3 people and our appointment with S. fell through. I was really bummed and just started praying in my heart that we could teach someone. I knew that we were doing all the Lord asked of us, and were being good missionaries, but at the same time I wanted to share the gospel with someone! There was no outside walking around to talk to since it was pouring rain, and it really didn't look like we would find someone. But I kept praying in my heart that there would be someone that we could teach, and all of a sudden someone pulled up in car and yelled out at us "Who's your prophet?" It was so crazy cause we then taught him all about modern day prophets and the restoration. Sadly he didn't agree with a lot, and he wouldn't give us any of his information so that we could visit him again, but we taught him for almost 30 minutes and for me it was an answer to my prayer. That was the 3rd time something like that has happened to me on my mission, and every time it has happened my testimony of prayer has grown so much! The power of prayer is real!! Heavenly Father understands us and wants us to be successful and happy in this life. When we are obedient, he will help us do His work. Another cool thing that happened this week was I got some new workout equipment for free! This story is kinda funny and starts a week and a half ago. I started to catch a cold like 2 Friday's ago, and so I stopped working out in the mornings. I only felt sick for a couple of days but didn't start working out again, so for a week I didn't work out. Then last Thursday we had a training from the zone leaders about how important it is to workout in the mornings and eat right! They explained how every part of the missionary daily schedule is inspired and written by general authorities and will help us be happier and more successful as missionaries. I realized that over the week where I wasn't working out, I was much more tired, which lead to me being a little more grumpy about the fact that no one was talking to us, keeping appointments, or answering the door. Then the day after the zone leaders training we were doing service for C. and his family. They're moving and we were helping out. They came across some weights, and a bar and asked if we wanted it! Of course we said yes, and so I now have some new workout equipment to use to keep in shape and I can tell you that working out in the mornings definitely makes me happier!!! It was kinda funny how it all played out. Heavenly Father was just throwing me a bone and saying, "here's your workout stuff, quit complaining, start working out again, and get back to having joy while doing my work!" haha, goes to show Heavenly Father has a sense of humor! I think that's about it for this week, so now I'll have to answer all the questions you guys have!

Dad: We are able to do service. We've done a lot for C., we've helped our branch president out some and also done some work for a local charity shop. It is something we are asked to do on our missions! It's not like a requirement but it's something we should be doing as representatives of Christ. Service is a great tool for finding, and so if we see someone working in their yard or doing whatever as we walk by, we offer our help. I don't know the whole political situation over here but I know that it is definitely not good! I've even heard there is a guy who serves in their congress (its not called that but its similar to our congress) who has super long hair, wears t-shirts to every political meeting, and all he ever talks about is legalizing marijuana. So to put it simply I would say there government is pretty messed up. The country is pretty bad off economically. Of the 8 or 9 Melchizedek priesthood holders in our branch I think only 3 have jobs. Their version of welfare over here is ridiculous though! People get paid 100 euro (like 130 dollars) a week because they dropped out of school and don't have a job. The worst part about it all is that some of the people dropped out of school just to get the money! So yeah to put it simply, Ireland is a total mess. But a lot of that goes on back home too, I just see more of it out here.  

Mom: I can open pictures that you email me! And I'm gonna tell you this cause I have a feeling you'll actually do it! I was thinking that a cool thing to do would be to save all the emails I send home! I write in my journal every other night, but it would be cool to have all the emails I sent home so I can just go through the weeks of my mission after I come home. It would just be like a cool summary of my whole mission!

Dakota: That totally sucks about your knee! I was really hoping that it wasn't that bad so I'm really sorry man! I've never had to sit out a whole year before so I don't even have any advice to give you other than keep getting strong like you said you're gonna do! I'm gonna start trying to bulk up to now that I have this new workout equipment! Its like the weight set dad has where you put the weight on and then twist on the clip, I have a bar, and then 2 dumbell bars that I can put weight on as well for curls and that kind of stuff. I'm so pumped!!! We'll have to see who's upper body can get bigger faster! Haha

Peyton! good to hear that you are doing well! That is an awesome joke you pulled on the family with the black eye!! I love it! haha and the volleyball jersey being soaking wet TOTALLY sounds like the good old Peyton we all love! Haha I miss you and keep doing well in school and volleyball! Always remember that your Heavenly Father loves you so much!!!

Ethan: E dog I gotta tell you thank you so much for keeping me updated on the sports man! Keep letting me know how your football team does man, and keep practicing and working hard! You'll have to let me know who wins the world series! Make sure you help Dakota get back in shape too! Love ya bro!

Malia! You're halloween costume looks so awesome! I think that is the best costume I've ever seen! Who knew you were such a redneck!  You'll have so much fun on halloween! Get a ton of candy! Which by the way, sometime I'll have to send you some candy from Ireland or the U.K. The chocolate over here is SO much better than the chocolate in the U.S. I probably will never eat chocolate again when I come home because It'll never be as good as the chocolate over here! I gotta be careful I don't eat too much though cause I could get fat!! haha Love you Malia!

Well I think that about does it for this email. Oct. 27th, next sunday, is moves call! So next monday when I email you I'll most likely (98% sure) have a new companion! I'll also find out if I'm moving or staying in Mullingar! I'll most likely stay because usually when you finish training the trainer leaves and an older missionary comes in and senior companion with the missionary that just finished training. It's crazy to think I'm almost done with being trained and it takes 3 months! Its all going by so fast for me!
So i'm excited to see what happens!

Love you all so much!

Elder Benesch

P.S.  I totally forget to tell you guys about the pedometer you sent!! It's so legit! I'm so glad you sent it because it is so cool to use! I'm walking on average about 8-9 miles a day the past few weeks. I'm recording how far I walk every day for the rest of my mission!
Also I attached a really cool talk called "The Fourth Missionary" that I like a lot. Apparently it goes around our mission a lot from missionary to missionary. It's by mission president speaking to his mission and explains about the different types of missionaries there are, but I think what it teaches applies to all of us no matter where we are in life. Whether we are serving a full-time mission or as a Sunday-school teacher, it applies to everyone. We should always strive to be "The Fourth Missionary" our entire lives. I really like it and would encourage you to read it! It's pretty long, but it's worth it.