Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Got to "talk" with Avery

Lucky for me I woke up in the middle of the night and checked to see if we had received an email from Avery yet.  We hadn't - so I stayed up and checked every 10 minutes (don't judge me I'm a typical mom who misses her missionary!)  I was rewarded by being able to "talk" with Avery for about 30 minutes.  Got to love technology!

  • Celeste:   I can't sleep are you still there?
  • Avery:  yeah! Sorry about that, I didn't see the email till just now and I wasn't expecting to get one back!
  • Celeste:  Well I wasn't sure either. I can't believe Seyi is going to move! The Lord is watching out for him.  How's it working with your comp.?  Are you celebrating Thanksgiving?
  • Avery:   Yeah Heavenly Father is always looking after his children. We just have to put our trust in him and it all works out!! My comp is awesome! We are working hard and I can definitely see the blessings. He's struggling with getting used to the amount of success we have in Mullingar though. I had to give him a blessing the other night cause it got so bad. But he'll be fine! They don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so I'm not either! and if you send the packages to the mission home and I stay anywhere in Ireland I will not get the packages for a while. Elder Goldie had been in Ireland or the north his whole mission and just barely moved to Scotland and found out the mission home had a package for him from about 6 months ago.
  • Celeste:  Good to know. Did you get a letter from us? We had planned on doing your Christmas package tomorrow night since we finally get to have a family night on a Mon. I'm so glad you started in Mullingar and hopefully it will be your only time in a non-productive area. Dad is getting all excited about Ironman stuff again. So he might start training.  I hope he does an official one he would love it.
  • Avery:  I got the letter! So I have all the Christmas present ideas, I will be sending home the package with all that stuff before the end of this moves. That all sounds good! I'm definitely glad I started in Mullingar too, I absolutely love it here! Like I said I don't want to leave this moves but probably will. That sounds like dad! It would be really cool though if he did an Ironman!
  • Celeste: Did you hear about the typhoon? Carly's area was fine but several missions had to be evacuated & it took several days before they were able to get everyone out. Dad works with someone who has family there & his cousin lives in a town/village that was wiped out. The only way he knew they were safe was because he saw a picture on the news of his cousin & his family on their balcony watching the flood, dead bodies & trash go by!
  • Avery:  Yeah it's all so sad. It's very good to hear that Carly is safe though!!! Elder Celestini didn't understand it all at first but when I explained it to him he said he wanted to sell his ferrari back home and give all the money to the churches humanitarian aid for the phillipines!
  • Celeste:  Yep it was devastating.  I just woke up Dad & he wants to know how many baptisms does your mission average?
  • Avery:  ummmm, I'm not totally sure but I can get that info for you next P-day, on average I would say about 30 baptisms a month if we are doing well as a mission. So there's 210 missionaries, so about 110 companionships and only 30 baptisms on a typical month.
  • Celeste:  Dad wants to know if you gained any weight?  The mission president said to send stuff to them so you don't have to pay but would you rather I sent stuff to you now? 
  • Avery:  I don't think I've gained any weight yet but im not totally sure since I haven't weighed myself since I left! I feel like im still in pretty good shape, although I'm definitely not in the same shape I was during baseball season!  I didn't know we would have to pay. I didn't have to pay when the package for my scriptures came. I just know that if you send it to the mission home and I don't go to Scotland I may not get it for a while. I've learned not to trust the mission home to provide stuff for the missionaries in Ireland. They don't even send us supplies like pamphlets and BOM's(The Dublin zone has almost run out of BOM's to give away, we have 3 left so we are only using them for solid people we talk to).  As I said I don't need a whole lot so if you don't send anything until after we know If I move or not that's totally fine with me. My computer time is almost up so I gotta go.  This was fun!  Love ya guys!