Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 14 - New Comp!

So just to let you know how moves or transfers works, we get a call on Sunday night letting us know what is happening. Then on Monday we email family to let them know what is happening. Then Wednesday is P-day or travel day for those that are leaving!

So I am officially staying in Mullingar for another 6 weeks which is what I was hoping for! Elder Goldie is leaving, which we were both kinda bummed about. We knew it would probably happen but we were hoping we could both stay together for one more moves cause the work here in Mullingar is starting to look up! My new companion is coming over from Scotland, and he is from Rome, Italy! His name is Elder Celestini, he's gonna be my senior companion and he's been out about 8 or 9 months I think. He's 6 weeks ahead of Elder Goldie. I'm really excited because I've heard he's a hard worker and that's exactly what the area needs right now! So yeah I'm pretty pumped! I also can't believe that it's already been 3 months since I left. That's an eighth of my mission gone already! It's going to fast, although I've realized an important principle. So far on my mission I've been thinking of how fast the 2 years go by and how I don't want it to go by fast. I don't want to stop sharing the gospel and go home when the 2 years is up. But then I realized I don't have to stop sharing the gospel when I go home after 2 years. I can share the gospel every day of my life if I want to! No one ever said that after the mission we have to stop! We can share the gospel with someone every single day. I know that it's not some new principle I've learned, but since I've been out I think I've understood more how I can share the gospel every day of my life, not just every day of my mission.
This week went awesome! We had 2 mini-missionaries with us for 3 days and so from Tuesday to Thursday I had a different companion! There names were Jonathan and Joe, and they're 2 young men in our branch that are preparing for missions. We got it approved by our mission president to have them stay with us for 3 days and serve mini-missions so that they can prepare for their missions and that we could get more work done. Which we totally did! It was great to be able to get to some towns outside of Mullingar that are still in our area because one companionship could leave Mullingar, while the other could go to Athlone or Longford. We found some people that I'm really excited to teach because they actually seem interested!! One is a single mom named C., she has 2 kids and is starting to look at Christianity. She said she is interested in changing her life around and is excited to meet with us! I'm so pumped!!!! We also had 2 investigators show up to church this week! This week was just all around amazing and I think its all because we've been working really hard here the past 3 months and Heavenly Father is blessing us now for all that hard work we've done. I'm really hoping that me and Elder Celestini can keep up this success!!!
So now to answer the question of the week: Fast food is about the same. We eat pizza every tuesday after district meeting and then I've had Supermac's (irish version of Carl's Jr. pretty much) once and a few Kebabs. Which I have a question for dad. Do you know what Kebabs are and did you have them in Spain? They're a European thing, and they are so good! But they are also extremely unhealthy!!! haha I literally feel myself get fatter when I eat one. I've had 3 so far on my mission and they are pretty intense to eat!
I love all the stories you guys share with me about back home! Keep letting me know how everything is going!
Love you all so much!

Almost forgot to answer Ethan's questions.
Dude I'm in Ireland, so there are no bagpipes at all! Haha bagpipes are a Scottish thing. Bro you need to do some research! hahah just kidding buddy. I'm hoping to stay in Ireland my whole mission but that probably won't happen. I really want to go to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Missionaries usually get some cool stories there! By the way to give you guys a little more info on our mission, there really are 3 countries that it covers. Ireland and Northern Ireland are NOT the same country. The 2 kinda hate each other so I wouldn't get those confused! haha