Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 15 - going well

So this email will be short since, me and elder Celestini have to go to Dublin today. President is there and wants to meet with Elder Celestini about something. We have no clue if its good or bad and he's freaked out about it, especially since he asked us to travel a bunch on our P-day. Elder Celestini is pretty cool by the way! He's 21 and has been out on his mission 10 months, and is from Rome, Italy. He never spoke english before his mission but speaks pretty good now! He worked as a model in Italy, and then also as a Dentist for a little before his mission. It's crazy!!!

We've had a good week, S. came to Church!!! He got this Sunday off from work because of halloween break. As soon as he found out he didn't have to work he said he yelled out loud, I CAN GO TO CHURCH!!! Haha he is such an awesome guy, and I really hope he can be baptized someday! I know he will be because he has some great faith and knows its all true, and maybe it's just not now that he can be baptized but later on. We also had one of the members bring their friend to church! That was legit, we taught her during Sunday school and she listened really intently and is hoping to come next Sunday! The bummer is they live about an hour drive away and she works all the time so we have no clue how to get out to her house and teach her during the week. So all we can really do right now is hope and pray she comes to church again! We haven't heard anymore from C. so that sucks. It seemed like she was really interested so I don't know what happened there. Other than that the week has been good!

One more thing, It is getting freezing cold, so I bought some more cold weather clothes last week.The call letter doesn't tell you how it really is going to be. Even the big heavy coat I bought hasn't held up to well in the freezing rain, its warm, but the rain gets through and then it gets kinda cold.

But don't worry I am doing fine and loving the cold weather! I'm welcoming in the winter with open arms! haha

I'm sorry this email is so short but we can only email for like a little less than an hour today and I wanna send some pictures as well. Love you all and I will write more next week! I really loved all the stories you kids shared with me about halloween and your thoughts on your knee and how the savior can help Dakota! Love you guys!

Elder Benesch