Monday, November 11, 2013

week 16 - Slower Week

Hello everyone!
So this week was on the slower. We had like 15 people we had met in the street/tracted that we were really trying to focus on becoming new investigators, and none of them ended up wanting us to teach them. That meant we did a lot of walking all over town, and didn't teach a whole lot of lessons, so that was a bummer. We worked hard though so we were both happy with ourselves and not to upset over it. At the end of the day all we can do is invite people to listen to us and its up to them whether or not they want to listen! Elder Goldie is in Scotland now and he said its ridiculous how much faster the work is over there. He said they had a bad week this past week, while compared to Mullingar standards it was an amazing week! Haha so I guess we can't be too hard on ourselves for not having too much success. It's just this is a tougher area! While Elder Celestini was visiting with Pres. Brown I got to play a little basketball in the church building with Elder Austin! It was so much fun to play basketball again and it was awesome seeing Elder Austin as well. We also did a little shopping in Dublin since we were out there, and I found some pretty cool souvenirs! I also got a few presents to send home for you guys and so I'll send those when I get the Christmas list and buy some other stuff to send home to you guys! So more info on Elder Celestini, He is a legit missionary! Haha, he is a hard worker, but has had some really tough companions to deal with. All his companions except for his trainer have been really lazy. But he is a good missionary, he struggles a little with the language sometimes but it works fine cause I kinda just do all of the talking when it's someone he can't really understand. He is a Dentist! In Italy they don't go to university to learn how to be a dentist. When you go to high school you choose your career and study just for that. So when he was 14 he started studying to be a dentist and finished his studying when he was 18 and is a legit dentist now! You can look him up on facebook if you don't believe he's a model, his name is Riccardo Celestini and he apparently has a business page for him as a model. Also I've seen a picture of him and his ferrari, its so cool!! haha  He is really modest about it all though! He is such an awesome guy that has some really cool stories and has a great desire to serve the lord and work hard.

So to answer some of your questions: My favorite non-american food is definitely Kebabs!!! They are amazing but really unhealthy. I don't even know how to explain them to you guys. I think they're some kind of eastern european food but are found all over europe. Just look them up online.

I will most likely leave Mullingar after this moves. However anything can happen! It all depends on what the Lord wants for me to do! But for the most part missionaries don't stay in their first area for more than 3 moves. The next moves is around the beginning of December (I think its like dec. 11th or around there) so I will probably be spending Christmas somewhere else in the mission other than Mullingar! If I have it my way though I would stay here in Mullingar one more moves so until the end of January.

Peyton, Ireland is freezing cold! The worst part is everyone keeps telling me that this is just the beginning. Plus Scotland is even colder than Ireland! And I'm dying already!! haha so this winter will be a big adjustment for me I think!

Alright well I think that's everything for this week! Love you all so much and its always great to hear from you!

Elder Benesch