Tuesday, November 19, 2013

week 17 - a fun week

So this week went pretty well, we had some good lessons, including a very good first lesson with this guy named B.! We taught the entire plan of salvation and he totally believes everything we taught him! He is a single dad (divorced) raising kids. His kids are younger, but are starting to get old enough to ask questions about religion and stuff like that. He said he shares with them what he believes, but since he has never really belonged to a specific religion, he doesn't really know how to teach them. So he feels at this time in his life he is looking for more structure to his beliefs, and so far he really likes what we have taught him! Tomorrow we will be teaching him and inviting him to be baptized so its gonna be awesome!!! We also taught S. this week and found out that he is for sure going to be moving to England! Don't know if I told you guys this before so let me explain the situation. S.'s son an amazing soccer player. He is 12 years old, and S., who was pro, says that he is almost better than him already. D. has been invited to go train with the Tottenham football academy, which is BIG time. Tottenham is one of the premier league clubs over in England, or in other words the highest level. The SHOW haha. So S. will be able to leave his contract with the team he coaches with now, because they understand that this is the chance of a lifetime for his son to make it in professional soccer. So in other words.... We told S. that as soon as he gets over to England to look for a job where he doesn't have to work on Sunday, and find the missionaries as soon as possible and ask them to baptize him!!! He agreed to that and so Seyi is going to be baptized!! He had already been planning it all out before we even told him to find missionaries in England to baptize him. It's so cool to see the Lord prepare a way for people who are ready to be baptized, be baptized!!! I'm so excited for him!

So other than that we had another cool experience last night. So this guy and his wife who are from New Zealand were visiting family here in Ireland. They came to church at our branch on sunday, and the guy who's name was Brother K., asked for help with going out and giving his cousin a priesthood blessing. Sadly none of the brethren in the branch stepped up (our branch is still not working very well) so we had to help this brother out. His cousin lived about a 50-60 minute drive out into the countryside in the middle of nowhere in county cavan. So we spent quite a good chunk of our proselyting time doing this, but it was needed. Brother K.'s cousin, T., had Parkinson's disease and it was getting very bad. T. is catholic and I guess he decided he wasn't going to the doctor for it either, and just had the local Priest give him a blessing. But he also asked for Brother K. to give a priesthood blessing. So we gave T. a blessing, and it was actually a really powerful experience for me. It also taught me how important doing our priesthood duties is, becuase this man really needed a blessing, and it was sad to see no one in our branch really jump at the opportunity to fulfill their priesthood duty. I know the lord has given us the priesthood to do his work on this earth, and with that we have a duty to do what the lord wants us to, and not whatever we want to do.

So I think that's about all that happened this week that was really cool! Dakota it's a bummer to hear about what happened with the game! Next year you guys will definitely take care of business! I'm really glad to hear that the physical therapy is going well. It may suck but be diligent. It's just like missionary work, be diligent so you can reap the blesssings! Haha

E-dog. Is food all you think about? Haha just kiddin man, no my companion says you can't get any pizza out of a vending machine in Italy. Sorry bro!! And to let you know, I walk about 12 miles every day. I don't know how many steps that is cause I don't have the pedometer with me right now, but I've been using it every day and I'm gonna keep track of how many miles I walk per week for my whole mission!

Mom i'm not too cold at night, but I may be if I get moved to Scotland! haha Elder Goldie says that he sleeps with jeans and his hoodie on so that he stays warm enough over there. But he said that the work is SO much quicker over there. People actually listen and he is already seeing way more success than he was in mullingar. The funny thing is that he says he may even be working less over there, but see's more success! Haha oh well, I still absolutely love serving here in Mullingar, and I hope by some small chance I stay here for one more move!! But we'll have to wait and see.

Well thats it from me this week love you all!!!

Elder Benesch

Elder Celestini