Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 18 - A Good Week

So I have to start off with the best news this week. Our investigator B. agreed to be baptized as soon as he gets his answer that it is true!! I'm pretty excited for that, especially because he seems to already have gotten an answer that it is true pretty much! We taught him on Tuesday this past week and before we started teaching he said that his life has changed ever since he met us. He didn't know what it was but something has just made him feel happier all the time! He then told us that he didn't really think he would become Mormon though. But then during the lesson the spirit was so strong and I invited him to be baptized and he agreed!! It was so cool to see him change from "don't think I'll become Mormon" to "yeah I'll be baptized." I'm really hoping and praying that he gets an answer and know's that it's true. He was going to come to church with us yesterday but then his ex-wife planned a lunch for their kids, and he was watching after them for the weekend so he had to go to that instead. He seemed really sad when he called us and let us know he couldn't make it, but told us that for sure he is coming next week! It's so great to see someone progressing in the way that he is! The Lord has definitely prepared him to listen to us. Then on this past Thursday we had zone conference which are always my favorite! I love listening to President Brown. He spoke a lot on obedience and how important it is for us to make obedience a quest instead of a limitation. When we are striving and seeking to be obedient in life, we are actually happier!! Whenever we see being obedient as a limitation, we are never truly happy. It's kinda the whole grass is greener on the other side type thing. If we are always saying, "I'll be happy after I do this" or for example "I'll be happy when I go home from my mission," then we aren't happy right now. If we aren't happy now then what's the point? So I've learned that I need to find the way to be the happiest I can now, and not think that I'll be happier down the road. The best way to be happy now is by following the Lord, because our Heavenly Father loves us so much and wants us to be happy! So why wouldn't I do what He says right now? He wants me to be happy!! Haha, I love this quote from a talk called the Fourth Missionary: "following God is the only intelligent thing to do." It's so true, we truly don't understand what we need, so we should exercise faith in the Lord and understand He knows what we need better than we do. Then we should move forward with faith relying on the lord.

Dakota I really hope that you won't have to get surgery! Either way I'll be praying that you'll heal up for next season. Since you have no idea what to do with your time maybe you can go crazy on studying Preach My Gospel! ahahaha. It will definitely help you on your mission if you study it a lot before you go. Maybe just take 15 minutes a day looking it over so you get familiar with it. I love studying PMG so much, it's a great tool to use as missionaries and hopefully by the end of my mission I'll be able to quote every word of it!

Dad the TT bike is sweet looking! I remember you telling me about the Pat Tillman design and I like it a lot! It turned out really nice! None of my companions family is in to cycling at all, and surprisingly enough he hasn't cooked me any Italian dishes! I've taught him to cook more than he's taught me! Haha maybe I'll make him teach me some Italian secret or something with cooking pasta. 

Malia that sounds like so much fun to do a movie night outside!!! What movie did you watch? That hot chocolate sounds really good to, we have hot chocolate a lot cause it gets so cold here!! Love you!

Mama I'll get a picture of S. and send it to you guys soon! I'm also gonna start buying all the christmas presents I'm gonna send home and a usb drive with all the pictures on it for you guys!

Ethan that's so crazy that you can stick a whole wing in your mouth and pull it out clean!!! I wish I could do that man! Haha just make sure you don't choke or something. Keep working hard with school, and read your scriptures!

Peyton I hope everything is going well with school and stuff! Keep being good and don't get into too much trouble. I'm excited for you to try the medical stuff at Campo! That sounds like it would be a good experience for you! It's kinda exciting to be thinking about your future already, so have fun with it!

Love you all so much!

Elder Benesch