Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 21 - Scotland is COLD but I love it!

Hello everybody, I am in Irvine, Scotland!!! It's really cold here, but it's all good cause we are teaching a ton of people right now! We have 3 people who want to be baptized in January. Two are a young couple (Aaron and Jackie) that just need to get married and then they can be baptized. The other is a guy named Alec who's pretty chill. We also have some other people who we found recently that are totally interested and have a great desire to learn! It's so crazy how much faster the work goes here in Scotland compared to Ireland. It's literally like I went into a different mission or something! We were barely teaching 12 lessons a week in Mullingar, and then I come here and teach 13 lessons in 3 days! It's insane how so many more people are totally prepared for the gospel here compared to Ireland. My companion is pretty cool! He's from Austin, Texas and says Y'all a lot haha. He's a good missionary and we're gonna get some work done this moves! It's a little crazy this week though because he isn't gonna be here! He is singing in this missionary choir that is going to travel around Scotland and do a bunch of concerts. So Elder Goldie and I are companions again for the week! His companion left too, and our area's are right next to each other so we are just gonna work in both area's for the whole week. It's pretty cool to be able to serve with Elder Goldie again and this week is gonna be so much fun. So the people here are pretty different compared to the Irish! It's funny cause so far tracting seems to be the most effective way of finding people here, which was not the case in Ireland. People here when you knock on their door they actually answer! It's so weird! haha and then they actually give us a chance to talk! It's so good though, but it is crazy how much easier it is here to teach someone a lesson on the doorstep. My new flat is absolutely amazing! I love it. We have some weights I can use to work out with and a lot of room to do stuff that will keep me in shape. The members of the ward are awesome too. They feed us all the time! This week I think we're gonna have to cancel some meal appointments cause we have so many! haha the food so far has been amazing, and I've even tried haggus and black pudding! (Look up what they are). I'm not a big fan of either but they're typical Scottish meals so I had to try it! haha.
So when I came to the area from Ireland I got to stop in Glasgow for a little and it seems like a pretty cool city! I don't think I'll be able to get there too often though. It isn't in our zone, plus we aren't allowed to leave our area for P-days and all the zone meetings and zone conferences are in Irvine cause we're the most central part of the paisley zone. But who knows! One day I could serve there!

Well I think that's it from me this week. Thanks for the love and support! I can't wait to talk on Christmas! Love you all!
Elder Benesch

Fun facts we found out about Irvine
It's an industrial, coastal city.  His apartment is just around the corner from the church building (well the building they have church in, which is called the Galt House).  The sunrises at 8:50am and the sunsets at 3:45pm!  He won't be working on his tan!  The average temperature for this time of year is a high of 45 and low of 33.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 20 - Off to Paisley

Hello everyone!
So my days in Mullingar are over! (well at least for now, who knows maybe they'll send me back later on! But that probably won't happen)
I am being transferred to Irvine in Scotland! It's in the Paisley zone. It is on the southwest coast of Scotland!!! I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be really sad to leave Mullingar, but at the same time I think I am ready for the next chapter of my mission to start! My new companion will be Elder Clement. He is the District leader in my district there so I'll be his junior companion. I've heard he is an awesome missionary so I am excited for the opportunity to learn from him! The best part is Elder Austin will be moving to Paisley Zone with me!!!! Haha we're never going to get rid of each other! So we'll still be seeing each other at zone meetings and zone conferences all the time! At this rate we'll probably be serving our entire missions together in either the same zone or district until we're companions. It's pretty cool though!
Well this week was a little slow and B. asked us to stop visiting him until the new year, so that really sucked. But then we had a real good visit with Seyi and talked with him more about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and he is so pumped for baptism! I really can't wait for him to move to England so he can be baptized. Our branch is slowly starting to jump on board with what we have been telling them for a while about missionary work, and they've been inviting more of their friends to church! They haven't been too interested but at least the members are inviting people to find out more! It's so good to see the joy that comes into the members homes as they invite their friends to hear the gospel.
Well sorry this email is short, even though we get to email today, it isn't actually our p-day so duty calls! Time to go do some missionary work!!
I love you all and hope to hear everything goes well with the Christmas party!
P.S. thanks for the sports news! Keep it coming! Oh and I sent you a package that should come this week! Plus I sent a usb stick with pictures on it in the mail to you! Pray that they both get there safely!!!!

Elder Benesch

Week 19 - Time of my Life!

So I completely forgot it was Thanksgiving this past week, until someone reminded me of it! Haha it's kinda weird not celebrating Thanksgiving. Everyone here starts putting up their Christmas decorations like right after Halloween by the way! So I've already been gearing up for Christmas for a month! I did get the amazon package you got for me, and it's kinda big! So if I move I probably will have to open it or else it won't exactly fit in my suitcase... So I may have to open it before christmas. I'll try not to though!
This week went okay, all of our appointments fell through and we haven't seen S. or B. in a week. We have no clue what is going on with B.. He says that he is still reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday to find out if it's true and he just hasn't found his answer yet, but then he decided he didn't want to come to church yesterday. We haven't seen him in a week since he's been so busy lately and so we don't know what's holding him back from going to church. He told us on the phone that if he does get his answer then he will still be baptized so it seems he is still interested, but we just won't really know whats going on until we get to meet with him sometime soon. So that's kinda hard to deal with, plus on top of that S. was super busy this week and we couldn't find a time where we were both free. However we did have some good success in teaching people on the street and while tracting so we have some decent potential investigators that we can hopefully start teaching sometime this week! Our branch is also starting to do a little more missionary work as well so that's good! One of the young women in our branch brought her friend to church, and she was pretty curious about everything! We don't know if we'll actually be able to teach her, but at least we may have planted a seed! We also had 3 other people show up! Their names are M., D., and F.. They came like a month and a half ago and seemed just curious at first but enjoyed church and wanted to learn more. Then they just fell off the map and we didn't see them or hear from them forever until they just showed up at church yesterday! The hard part is they live about a 40 minute drive from Mullingar and we have no way of getting there. There is no public translation that takes us anywhere near where they live so we have to rely on whether or not they'll come visit us in Mullingar or one of the members can take time out of their day to drive us there. They said they would come next Sunday and we could talk more then so we'll see how that goes! It was awesome to have them show up though because we definitely needed to have a little pick me up after the rough week. We have to just keep working hard so that we can start finding more people to teach!
By the way next Monday I'll know if I am being moved or if I'm staying!!!! The moves call is on Dec. 8th so the 9th I'll let you guys know where I'm going if I'm leaving or if I am staying here in Mullingar. I can't believe how fast these past 5 weeks have gone! It seems like yesterday I was emailing you and telling you I got a new companion! It's crazy!! I'm loving every second of it and am so happy to be in Ireland. I love being a missionary and being able to serve the lord. It's definitely the best time of my life so far!
I love you all so much and thank you for all the support!
Elder Benesch