Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 20 - Off to Paisley

Hello everyone!
So my days in Mullingar are over! (well at least for now, who knows maybe they'll send me back later on! But that probably won't happen)
I am being transferred to Irvine in Scotland! It's in the Paisley zone. It is on the southwest coast of Scotland!!! I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be really sad to leave Mullingar, but at the same time I think I am ready for the next chapter of my mission to start! My new companion will be Elder Clement. He is the District leader in my district there so I'll be his junior companion. I've heard he is an awesome missionary so I am excited for the opportunity to learn from him! The best part is Elder Austin will be moving to Paisley Zone with me!!!! Haha we're never going to get rid of each other! So we'll still be seeing each other at zone meetings and zone conferences all the time! At this rate we'll probably be serving our entire missions together in either the same zone or district until we're companions. It's pretty cool though!
Well this week was a little slow and B. asked us to stop visiting him until the new year, so that really sucked. But then we had a real good visit with Seyi and talked with him more about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and he is so pumped for baptism! I really can't wait for him to move to England so he can be baptized. Our branch is slowly starting to jump on board with what we have been telling them for a while about missionary work, and they've been inviting more of their friends to church! They haven't been too interested but at least the members are inviting people to find out more! It's so good to see the joy that comes into the members homes as they invite their friends to hear the gospel.
Well sorry this email is short, even though we get to email today, it isn't actually our p-day so duty calls! Time to go do some missionary work!!
I love you all and hope to hear everything goes well with the Christmas party!
P.S. thanks for the sports news! Keep it coming! Oh and I sent you a package that should come this week! Plus I sent a usb stick with pictures on it in the mail to you! Pray that they both get there safely!!!!

Elder Benesch