Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 23 - Holidays are finally over!

Hello everyone!

So I've officially entered my blackout year! Haha that's what we call the year where we spend the entire year on our mission. I'm excited for this year, especially since we're gonna be starting it out with a baptism next Saturday!! Woohoo! His name is Alec, hers been investigating the church for almost 15 years and just hasn't gotten baptized yet, but we've helped him see that he is ready! He has had problems with smoking that has kept him from being baptized before, but he has been off the cigarettes for a good enough time now and he is completely ready to give them up! I'm definitely excited for him. We have had to drop a few of the new investigators we had found in the last 3 weeks, but we are still finding new people to teach all the time! Aaron and Jackie, the couple that are getting married and then baptized are still doing really well, and will hopefully find out soon if their marriage papers went through. The town offices have been closed for the holidays so it's taking forever! But that's okay, they are still so solid and have such a great desire to be baptized. The members here are so awesome and helped us out so much during the holidays. New Year's Day we went to the stake presidents home and watched the amazing spider man (the newest one) with his family!! It was awesome! I'm not sure if that movie is PG in the states, but over here it is so as soon as they told us that we were like "yep, we're watching it!" Haha, that was the only movie we got to watch over the holidays but it was a good choice I'd say.

So some other cool stuff that's been happening, we walked along the beach a few days ago in Ardrossan! Haha it's one of the towns in our area north if Irvine, and it is so cold there! I don't think I ever want to walk along a beach in Scotland again! Haha the wind was super strong and the rain literally felt like ice pelting my face as we walked. I feel bad for the missionaries that are way up north in the Shetland Islands! I could never go serve up there, I would freeze to death!

Oh yeah and a fun fact: in Scotland they call New Years Hogmanay. I keep asking people why it's called that and no one here seems to know! They all just say that's what it's called! 

Well I think that's all from me this week, it's another weird email day so that's why I'm not writing too much. Next week everything will finally to back to normal! Love you all and miss you!

Elder Benesch