Wednesday, January 8, 2014

week 24 - Back to normal life... well normal missionary life that is!

Hi guys!
So this week is finally a totally normal missionary week! I'm pretty excited cause there has a lot of craziness these past few weeks, and I'm just ready to do normal missionary work again. This past few days went pretty good though! We found some new people to teach and they seem pretty interested! Saturday night we were really excited for sunday because we had 6 investigators say they would come to church, and then none of them showed up!!! So even though our week went pretty good considering all the time we spent in meetings and with it being the holidays, it just didn't feel like a good week cause no one showed up to church. Although all those investigators still want to meet with us and learn more so we're doing alright. Plus our guy Alec is getting baptized this saturday!! I'm so pumped for him, especially since he has been investigating the church for almost 15 years! We've just told him its time right now for you to get baptized and he's finally decided he can handle the committment! He is going through some hard times right now though, but the way he looks at it is the closer he gets to finding truth, the more satan works at keeping him from it, so he understands that he just needs to keep going and get baptized! He is so awesome and I'm really excited for him.

This past Friday was something called zone interview training. It's the second one I've been at since I've been out, but last time I don't think I explained to you guys why we do it. So it's basically like a zone meeting but while the meeting is going on and the zone leaders are training us, we get called out one by one to have an interview with President Brown and then to have the AP's evaluate our daily planners and basically tell us how to do better. Since the missionaries are spread out over 3 nations, President hardly gets to see us, let alone sit down with us, so every other transfer instead of zone meeting we do this zone interview training so he has a chance to meet with us! It's always so cool to have an interview with President, and it's great to just talk with him about how to be a better missionary and to get advice from him. It was cool because the week leading up to zone interview training I had written down some questions I was thinking about asking president. Throughout the week though in my personal study time, I ended up finding all the answers to my questions, and basically learned for myself what I needed to do to become better! It was a really cool experience for me because it helped me see how there really isn't a magical solution to a lot of our problems. Many times we can find the answers to questions we have on our own through prayerful and thoughtful study of the scriptures. Obviously there are times we should seek counsel from others, especially our leaders, but for the most part we can find out for ourselves how we can be better followers of Jesus Christ through prayer, fasting, and diligent study of the word of God.

Alright now that you heard a little about my past few days let me......

Bro I can watch the video's you guys sent so I saw the awesome sparkler rip rider and your wing eating skills!! That's hilarious man!!! And pretty impressive. You'll have to teach me how to do that man!

I did see the picture of your room! It's really cool looking! I bet you are so excited about it! I can't believe you guys decide to change the whole house up right after I leave! ahahah just kidding. So Malia I spend most of the time walking around in the dark! It gets dark at about 4:30 right now and we don't go into the flat until 9. So we do a lot of stuff in the dark! Luckily every week the sunset will be 15 minutes later than the previous week up until the summer solstice so it'll start getting lighter later in the day.

Thanks for working on the mission book thing! I think after I get home from my mission this email account works for another month so that I can get all the stuff we want off of it before the church deletes the account, but if you get it all done for me while I'm still out then that's awesome! Also I want to save all of the email's in the folder President's Weekly Emails. So they can be like in a seperate little mission book. It'll be super easy for me to take care of it all after my mission though too so don't fret too much about it. Also I can play a CD so send Dakota's little music thang-me. (thats like a scottish word they use all the time. It's basically like saying thingy, but they use it ALL the time)

Sounds like you're having a good time redecorating! And also sounds like typical you getting lost in Ikea! haha just kidding. My companion and I are doing really well together! We teach well together and get along really well. He is really good at guitar, and he bought a nice one while he was out here and I LOVE having one to play again. I didn't think we were allowed to have musical instruments but I think the reason they tell you not to bring them is because it's some extra luggage to carry around. Our mission president is totally fine with it! It's been so relaxing to just kinda sit down for 15 minutes and play before bed. But anyways we're doing really good and so far I haven't frozen to death!

Dude physical therapy sounds rough, but it'll definitely be worth it! It is so crazy how fast time flies isn't it!? It seems like yesterday we were starting at Campo together, and you were the little skinny freshman haha! Which speaking of skinny, I no longer am. I finally found someone with a scale and weighed myself a few days ago, and I weigh a little over 12 stone. which means I weigh about 172 pounds man!!!! (1 stone equals 14 pounds, that's how the people over here measure their weight) I'm not sure if it's muscle or fat, cause I don't look much fatter, but I haven't been able to work out that hard so it's not like I'm putting on muscle and getting stronger. So I need to somehow find a way to test my body fat percentage and see how fat I really am!! Anyways keep on working hard to get your leg back in shape!

Yeah apparently I'm not that good at Answering Back...
haha but it is really cool to be over here in Scotland where the work is quicker. That was one thing I talked with President Brown about, was why is it that missionary work is going better in Scotland and Ireland? (I wouldn't put this in the blog by the way) I told him how I felt I was working just as hard in Mullingar as I am here, but am actually seeing success here while in Mullingar I didn't see hardly any. He told me about how he feels that it isn't always the fault of the missionaries that certain areas struggle while others succeed. So more than anything it helped me see that no matter where I'm at, the measure of success is more on how well I personally did the work in the area, not necessarily the amount of baptisms.
I totally know how you feel with getting back to work! I'm so excited for everything to go back to normal for a while. The running and swimming sounds like it'll be good! I need to start doing the same... well the running, not the swimming. Haha we have weights in the flat that I use right now, but some cardio is probably better for me to do since we only get like 30-35 minutes.

Well that just about does it, thanks for the emails, and hopefully I ANSWERED BACK enough! haha. We finally got the two hours to email again today so I can actually email like normal!
Talk to y'all later! (Elder Clement's texan accent is getting to me!)

Love you guys!
Elder Benesch