Tuesday, January 14, 2014

week 25 - good stuff but kinda a tough week

What's the crack!?

Well I'll start off with the bad news. Our investigator A. who was supposed to be baptized yesterday got cold feet. He decided not to get baptized because he felt he wasn't ready to commit to a few commandments and so that really hurt. We worked hard to explain the commandments he had an issue with and I really feel he understands them, but just doesn't want to take the next step. It's really hard, but we have to let him exercise his agency! As far as good news goes, A. and J. are submitting their marriage papers tomorrow, and they are planning the wedding to be on Valentine's Day! Then the day after valentine's day is the baptism and then the sunday they are going to be confirmed and get the gift of the holy ghost! I'm pretty excited for them. They have been progressing well, and are getting a much greater understanding of the gospel every time we meet with them. Another little success we had was this person A. who we taught a lesson too about a month ago, but then told us never to come back, said we could come by some time this week! She was super solid, and when we first taught her the spirit was really strong and I thought for sure she would be baptized. It was such a bummer when she dropped us, but now she seem's like she is interested again! Which is so good! Other than that we only had one other really cool experience this week, and the rest of the week was a ton of cancelled appointments and rejection. The cool experience we had was with a member family called the Pentleton's (the one's who let us skype). Me and Elder Clement felt we should talk to Sis. Pentleton about her dad who isn't a member and see if there was any way we could visit him and start teaching him. When we went over to their house, she started talking with us about her dad without us saying a word about him! She said she had a very personal spiritual experience a month or so ago, in which she felt that the time for her father to join the church was coming soon. (She was promised in a blessing that her father would join the church on this earth during her lifetime). She said she was planning on giving us his address before we came over for dinner that night! We went by her dad's house later on in the week, and he said he was busy but we could come back sometime either this week, or the following week!!! I am so pumped for that, and I really hope we can help him find the truth and be baptized!!
So now I will say...
Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday day, and got to relax a little! I love you so much and am so grateful for all you've done for me!

Bronco's in the AFC Championship! That is so legit! Keep me posted on how they do pleaseeeeee! Also Dale Brown has been updating me on baseball news so don't worry too much about that. ahaha

I love you all and keep you in my prayers!
Elder Benesch