Monday, February 10, 2014

week 29 - Scotland/West Conference

Avery's companion Elder Clement


We had an awesome week!! We had Scotland/West conference on this past tuesday, and it was great. Elder Herbertson, the area authority out here, was really cool and I got to learn a lot from him. He went on his mission to Atlanta, Georgia; and while he was there He preached sermons in a ton of big baptist churches!!! He and his companion would sometimes just walk into this huge church with like 4 to 500 people in it and just ask the preacher if they could give a sermon, and a lot of the time they said yes!! Haha it was cool cause it showed me that a lot of the times we need to be more bold when sharing the gospel. We are always worrying about what other people think, when in reality it shouldn't matter what others think of us. When we understand just how amazing it is that we are a part of the only true church on the earth, we naturally should want to help everyone find out for themselves what we have come to know to be true. We should desire that everyone come and learn of the restored gospel. This week we also found 2 new people to start teaching and so we've started to build a decent teaching pool. We also had a really good lesson last night with A. and J.. They are struggling to get even a little money so that they can at least buy rings for their wedding, so their baptism has been pushed back another week. So right now they are scheduled to be baptised on the 22nd of February. But anyway in last nights lesson we just really wanted to focus on strengthening their testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith, and the spirit was super strong!! They have really progressed these last few weeks, and it's amazing to see them grow so much. It's been such a wonderful experience for me to be there to watch them grow and become better individuals. I gave a talk yesterday on personal prayers and how essential they are in developing a relationship with our Father in heaven and it went well! It was actually a good reminder to me to make sure that every time I pray I am communicating and counselling with my Father in heaven, and not just saying empty words to him.

I'm really excited to hear about the temple! I definitely can't wait to go through it! I wish there was a temple in our mission boundaries that I could go to but there isn't so that's too bad. I was hoping that if A. and J. and their son C. get sealed while I'm still out here I could go with them, but it depends on what President Brown would decide. I think that would be so cool though!!

Peyton I think that story about the Frozen movie is awesome! haha I can totally imagine you just singing as loud as you can in the theatre with your friend. haha

As for the olympics, to show you how much people over here care about them, I haven't heard anything at all about them! In fact I had no Idea they were even going on!! Haha there's not a single ad or anything anywhere for the olympics so that's hilarious. Scottish people don't really care for them I guess!

And Mom I sent the USB with pictures of me on it and pictures of our flat so you'll have all those soon!! And the other thing is I have an 8gb SD in my camera right now, but for some reason the camera just doesn't save pictures to the SD card very well. It's so weird and I'm not sure if its the SD card that is the problem or the camera but anyways I did find out that I lost a lot of pictures from the MTC and when I travelled to mullingar. It's okay though cause I still have all the memories!!!!

Also I know I said this a few times, and I promise this isn't me being trunky or trying to be disobedient at all! haha, but did you guys check my facebook? Aaron and Jackie are trying to add me as a friend so we can stay in touch after my mission, and they said it hasn't been accepted yet. I'm pretty sure other members and investigators said they were going to add me as well so if you could just check for me and add them if they have sent a request or whatever that would be great!

Well that's all I got, I'll try looking for a picture of me on my usb now and send it to you mom!

Love y'all!!

Elder Benesch