Monday, February 17, 2014

week 30 - Lovin' the life

So I don't know how many times I say this, but I love the mission life!! It's sometimes way hard, and at night after we plan for the next day I usually just go to bed now, instead of relax or write in my journal (which I'm doing okay at keeping updated! Haha). Sometimes I stay up and read the missionary library books, but I've read it all already, and I kinda want to read something new, which kills me cause we are only allowed to read the missionary library!! But I will confess I broke the rule once. Elder Clement had this book with him called "Here We Stand" by Joseph Fielding McConkie. I finished it in a week just reading every night before bed and it's way good. Joseph Fielding McConkie was mission president in Scotland a while ago, but while he was here missionaries were baptizing like crazy. He is a BOSS. Mom, Dad, and Dakota you would all probably like it. Dakota should totally read that book before his mission. It really helped me understand more of my purpose as a missionary, and why we share the wonderful message of the gospel being restored to the earth through a modern day prophet, and the evidence of it which is the Book of Mormon. I would suggest that Dakota you make sure you understand the restoration well though as explained in preach my gospel chapter 3 lesson 1 before you read it though, just so you understand the book well. I think one of my favorite parts in it that I just think is kinda funny is when he says something along the lines of "God has not sent us out to bring the world the wonderful teachings of the family home evening manual, cause no matter how much you follow that manual, it really can't bring you salvation. We are called to share the Book of Mormon with the world and our message that God has once again called a prophet to the earth who leads and guides with priesthood authority as did the prophets of old." It also explains how our testimony is not dependent on the ancients, but on the fact that we have a living prophet. I think that is so important, and that's why it is the primary message we share with the world!!!

So Aaron and Jacqui are struggling to get the money for their wedding. They are just doing a really small wedding and then going out to dinner after with a close family, but they still want to buy rings and Jacqui wants a nice dress so that's why they need the money. Aaron is doing extra work, and because of that he missed church yesterday (bummer) but as long as it's just this one time it's okay haha. They still can't wait to be baptized which is awesome! They have a solid testimony of Joseph Smith now, and though their understanding is very basic, they realize how much the gospel can bless their lives and they are staying strong under opposition!! Their awesome.

That story about the olympics is pretty cool! I haven't heard anything about the olympics at all this year. People in Scotland don't care I guess! haha.
The weather in the south of England is really bad right now! Elder Grant (my companion)  is from where all the flooding is going on, but his family hasn't told him much so it must not be as bad where he lives. Every other person we talk to says it's bad, but we don't really know cause we don't get to look at the news!

I was thinking I haven't heard anything about Nessy yet!!! I've heard of missionaries going and visiting loch ness though and drinking a pint of the water from it (apparently it gives you magical powers) haha. All the sterotypes you hear about Scotland and Ireland such as nessy, leperchauns and kilts everywhere really aren't true! While I was in Ireland I never heard one thing about a leperchaun, which I thought was so weird! Haha although guys do wear kilts for weddings here in Scotland.

I love you all so much and thank you for the fun info and stories you send each week!!! Love ya!

Elder Benesch