Monday, March 3, 2014

week 32 - Moving to Dalkeith

So I totally forgot to tell you guys last week that this week I could be moving, cause I really didn't think I would anyway, but turns out I was wrong and I am moving to a new area!! I'm really bummed cause serving in Irvine has been the best experience ever and I'm not ready to go at all. Oh well though I gotta go where the Lord needs me to go!

My new area is Dalkeith, which is just southeast of Edinburgh. My new assignment is to serve as a District Leader, and on top of that I'm whitewashing into the area! (whitewashing is where 2 missionaries leave the area and 2 new go in). So basically I'm gonna be in the dark completely, and have to learn how to be a district leader, and did I mention Dalkeith is the area the assistants are in!?! So I think they are in my district, and I have no idea how it all works, but it looks like I'm going to be training AP's in district meetings. Ouch. Needless to say I'm a bit nervous, but then again, I'm sure I'll do fine!!

Well as for the rest of the news for this week, we had a few good lessons with Aaron and Jacqui. Sadly they've been having some relationship problems, and I think they are trying to delay the wedding, but are scared to tell us that. We've decided to stop trying to push them to get married and baptized, but simply teach them the essential doctrine they can understand, and do all we can to make sure their conversion is real. We felt like this is the way forward because we don't want to have them be married and baptized simply because we want them to, we want them to be truly converted to the restored gospel!! So we're explaining to them tonight that it is their decision to make (as far as marriage goes) and we will support them and continue to help them whatever their choice is. It's sad to do that cause we do really want to baptize, but I want to baptize true converts, not someone who just does what we say.

We had another really sad experience this week. There is a less-active member named Andy Polland who is kinda crazy (heavy smoker, drinker, and is always causing trouble in the pubs) and always seems to get into trouble. (His ex-partner is Kirsty, who we've been teaching and is planning a baptism soon). Anyways Andy got attacked by some guys and was beaten up pretty badly on this past Wednesday night, and his face was pretty much destroyed. He had to get surgery (facial reconstruction) done, and had 4 plates and 5 screws put into his face. We went down to give him a blessing Thursday morning before his operation, and when I walked in I was really shocked by how bad he looked. I felt absolutely terrible, and I literally almost threw up because I just couldn't believe someone could do that to another person. He was unrecognizable, and it just tore me and Elder Grant to pieces. We could only stay for 10 minutes, before the nurses kicked us out. He wasn't supposed to have visitors, but since we're "ministers" and have ministerial cards we were allowed in. Luckily the surgery went well and he is recovering much quicker than the doctors thought he would. We saw him last night, and he looked 10 times better. Still though the whole experience just made me realize the nastiness of the world, and just how evil it really is. I've never felt so disgusted with others and for some reason the whole day I just really struggled with comprehending how the light of Christ which all are born with can be diminished so much so in some people that it is basically gone completely from them. I have since then thought a lot about it, and I have realized another reason why I am on a mission, and that is basically to combat the forces of Satan, and come to help others recognize the light which is deep down inside of them. The gospel is the only thing that can change the world for the better, and I am on the front lines fighting the battle for light and truth.

Well to a lighter subject :)
I am so excited about the Gilbert Temple!!! The cultural celebration sounds like the coolest thing ever! I'm so glad you guys all got to experience it! I'm pretty jealous I'm not gonna lie. I've missed out on a lot of opportunities to see Prophets and Apostles on my mission. Elder's Ballard, Nelson, and Holland of the 12 came and spoke to the 50 missionaries or so in the Preston MTC, literally a day and half after I left. Then Elder Ballard was in Dublin, while I was in Mullingar. And now the Prophet came to Gilbert while I'm in Scotland!! Haha, it's all good though, "I don't need to see him, to know He's a prophet!" -(cheesy line from the movie: Prophet of the Restoration)
Thats all the news for this week, love you all and hope everything continues to go well for you guys!!!

Elder Benesch
Dundonald Castle

We snuck inside! 

Me and Elder Grant

Irvine harbor