Monday, March 24, 2014

week 35 - Finding Fever!

So we had a pretty awesome week!! We went on a lot of exchanges which is always fun. We also worked hard and did a lot of knocking on doors, but it all paid off because we found 3 new investigators this week!!! One of the guys we found is named Robbie Burns, which if you look up Scottish history, Robert Burns is the most famous poet of all time here. He's Scotland's Shakespeare basically, and this guy we found is his great grandson!!! He is super nice and we've taught him twice so far. He's at least open to hearing what we have to say so that's pretty cool! Our investigator Michael is also doing really well. He couldn't come to church this Sunday because he was on a work trip, but is coming next Sunday! We're going to give him a tour of the church building on Tuesday so that'll be really cool. It's amazing to see how the Lord has blessed us for our efforts, cause we are working harder than I ever have on my mission. Yesterday was also the Edinburgh stake conference and it went really well! President Brown spoke for a while and emphasized that the members need to be inviting their friends to listen to us which was really good of him!! He said "all my missionaries would rather you have them over to teach one of your friends than to have dinner; they would all gladly go hungry if you had someone for them to teach!" He is completely right, I would rather they had someone for me to teach than feed me dinner; especially since I'm starting to put on some weight with all the dinner appointments we've been having!! I weigh about 176 right now, but that's with very little muscle on my body I'd say. I'm like 17 or 18 percent body fat!
It's getting harder and harder to tell you guys cool stuff in my emails home! I can hardly ever think of what to say, since weeks just blend together now! Haha
So mom I would say to not bother with the homemade jam. It was really good!!! But I bet it cost a lot of money to send it and I would just eat it all in like a week or two anyway. The CTR ring sounds really cool though!! I'll have to think about what I would want on it, but I'll let you know next week.
Thank you so much for the sports news!! I appreciate it greatly. It's always fun to hear about something other than soccer :)
I have some good pictures from Edinburgh which I'll send to you in a bit. There's one that's kinda cool, it's a world war 1 memorial but it's called "The Call" and say's under it America to Scotland. So it clearly was made for missionaries who received their call from America to Scotland! haha..... I thought I was pretty clever to think of it :)
Anyways I love you all and hope you have a good week!!
Elder Benesch


Edinburgh Castle

Best pals from Irvine

WWI memorial  but it's really about me getting my call to Scotland (heehee!)