Wednesday, April 2, 2014

week 36 - Funny Drunk People

What's up!!
This week was a little rough, we didn't see as much success as I would like, but that's okay!! We did our best and that's all the Lord asks of us. We did have some funny/cool/awesome experiences though! The first one is the miracle of the week. We were on the bus heading back into town after someone didn't keep their appointment and a man got on and started to talk with us. He explained that he was a recovering alcoholic and had been off the drink for 3 months. He then told us he was using as his main source of inspiration to help him get off! He had been watching video's and reading the Book of Mormon to help him feel he could really rely on God to stop drinking! Since he's been off he's been going to a ton of AA meetings to help others stop drinking, and he's been using Book of Mormon references to help him out with it!! It was totally incredible and now we have an appointment with him tomorrow, so hopefully he'll keep it and we'll be able to share more with him!!!
The second story is more of a funny one, but I guess kinda scary as well. We were teaching Robbie Burns (I told you about him last week) and he was totally drunk. He was stumbling all over the room in a T-shirt and boxers, and fell like 3 times. Robbie is about 46 by the way, and is in really bad health. He told us that he had a heart attack a few days before we met him, but I'm not sure if that's true. Anyways, at one point we were trying to help him get up (he is sitting on the floor right now), and he told Elder Lattin to go turn the hallway light off. While Elder Lattin goes to do that, Robbie passes out and collapses, and I'm pretty sure he was out cold for a good 10-15 seconds. He has a life-alert type thing on his wrist that goes off and starts beeping (which he had told us was a heart-rate moniter so I thought he was having a heart attack!), and so I freaked out a bit. Robbie started to wake up a bit and starting talking for a few seconds, and seemed to be doing a bit better. Then the emergency life-alert people (no clue what the name is) called and Elder Lattin explained the situation. They sent an ambulance just in case, but by the time it got there Robbie was doing a lot better. Apparently the paramedics had dealt with Robbie quite a few times before in similar situations, and they totally recognized him and started telling him he needed to quit drinking or he was going to kill himself! After the paramedics got there we ended up just leaving so we could get back to our flat before 9. It was a bit funny but a bit scary cause if we weren't there he could've possibly died! I think he would've been okay, but who knows!!
So there's a few good stories for the week!! Last P-day we went to the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh, and it was pretty exciting!! They had some cool exhibits and it was pretty fun to check out. The best was you could go out onto the roof of the museum and look out over all of Edinburgh! It was so pretty, and it had a really good view of Edinburgh castle! Other than that we haven't gone and checked any other cool sites out yet. It's tough to go places when you don't have a car.... plus we're not allowed to use cars for travel on P-Days anyway. Today we're staying in Dalkeith and have a few cool things we're gonna try to check out. We might also try to find a way to play some golf, because I HAVE to play golf in Scotland once on my mission. Golf was invented here I'm pretty sure!
So I've been talking to Tyler Clark and Matt Painter a lot, and they've got iPads in their missions! Each of them get their own, and they use it for everything! They teach from it, use them as their planners, they read scriptures on them, go on Facebook with them, email with them, I mean it's ridiculous that they can do all of that!! My companion said he heard that every mission will have them by the end of the year, but I don't know if I believe it cause rumours spread in missions like crazy. Anyways, I'm pretty jealous of the fact that they use their iPads for everything. When Tyler emails me every now and then, at the end of the email he puts "Enviado desde iPad de Dios" and it kills me.
Happy Birthday Peyton!!! I can't believe you're already 14! You'll almost be driving when I get back!!! That'll be scary... Haha just kidding. I'm glad your birthday was so much fun!
Well I can't think of anything else for the week so I love you all and miss you! Missionary work is so cool and it's helping me grow so much!
Elder Benesch