Tuesday, April 22, 2014

week 37 - Conference Week

Hello everyone!!
This week was incredible! I love listening to conference while on my mission! I learned so much over the past few days, and I've also thought of a lot of things that I can start working on improving over the next few months! It was a little crazy to be watching conference again on my mission, especially since you only watch it 4 times while you're out. So now I only have 2 more conferences left to watch on my mission. Some of the talks that stood out to me the most were Elder Bednar's in the Sunday morning session, Elder Ballards, simply cause it was on missionary work and I just trained my district about following-up on commitments, and also Jean A. Stevens (I think that's her name?) the counsellor in the primary presidency. Elder Bednar really explained the power of the atonement well, especially how it is there to strengthen us through our difficult times, not necessarily make it all easy. We need the challenges, because the challenges are there to make us rely on Christ, and when we rely on Christ he can then shape us into the individuals we are meant to become. Relying on Christ allows us to reach our eternal potential. Sister Stevens talk was so simple, and it just made me realize how incredible it is that even with the simplicity of the gospel, it can apply directly to every single one of us and can provide answers to the questions of the soul we all individually ask. It made me think of how we are to become as little children, and how to do so we need to sometimes simplify what we do or think and focus on what is really important. There were so many other good talks and if I keep writing about them I could be emailing all day!
As far as the week went, we found 4 new investigators which was pretty cool. However we didn't see any of our investigators we were already working with so that was a bummer. They were all either busy or could possibly be avoiding us. I'm going with the more positive outlook and saying they just all forgot about their appointments and their phones were dead all of last week!! haha. Oh well what can you do. I'm glad to hear everything is going well, and I was quite impressed to hear that Malia has a journal already! I've been really bad at my journal writing recently (like once a week this past month) but Malia has inspired me to get better at it this week!
Well I love you all and hope to have some better news next week with our investigators!
Elder Benesch