Tuesday, April 22, 2014

week 39 - Easter Season

Well everyone, Happy Easter!!! Also... Happy Birthday DAD!!!! 44 and still going strong! Haha hopefully you don't feel too old. So I loved hearing about the Easter party and all the crazy challenges Garrett made you do!! I thought it was all pretty funny, especially the whole Peyton sticking her finger in Grandpa-D's nose!!! That was a classic Garrett idea!! We had a really good Easter dinner with this family the Campbell's. They had us and the AP's over and after dinner we played some Easter games. The first one was just throwing a hard-boiled egg down a hill and whoever could get it the farthest without it breaking won. The second game we played was Egg roulette!! So this is where you have a bunch of eggs, some hard-boiled and some not, in a pile. You then pick an egg and then someone smashes it on your forehead!! If you get a hard boiled egg nothing really happens, but if you get a raw egg, then you get covered in it!!!! It was hilarious, and we have lots of good videos/pictures of it all so hopefully I can find a way to send it home to you guys. But I have decided that I'm bringing egg-roulette home with me and starting a new family tradition! So get ready for it in 2 years!! Haha. As far as the missionary work side of things this week was really slow. We didn't see much success but we did teach a few lessons. We taught Graham again and it went well. We really laid down the law with him and explained that if he want's to be baptized (and he REALLY does) then he has to be taught all the lessons and start coming to church. Hopefully we got that across to him in a way that helps him start progressing and keeping appointments!! At the end of the lesson though he said a prayer which was really good and you could tell how he really wanted to follow God. I always enjoy having our investigators pray, 1. cause the spirit is usually really strong when you let them and they really have a desire to learn, and 2. cause it really show's you where they are at as far as their progression. In all honesty, you can tell a lot about a person in the way that they pray. In the teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith manual, there is a lot of stories from the children of the prophet Joseph Fielding Smith where they explain that whenever they heard him pray, they really felt like he was talking with his father in heaven, which that's really what prayer is! It's a conversation with our heavenly father!! So there's my quick 2 cents on praying :)

Mom- I did get Flat Stanley!! I haven't taken any pictures with him yet, but you got the address correct!! Also thank you very much for the baseball updates! I appreciate them:)

Dad- That's really good that you have the priest's going on splits again!! I would try to get the missionaries as involved as you can with the youth (depends on whether or not it's productive for the missionaries there to do it) but a missionary night at mutual is a really good idea. We've been trying to do stuff like that here to prepare the youth here for missions; cause I have noticed that some missionaries when they come out really have no clue what they are meant to teach and don't understand the doctrine all that well. I would say understanding why their needed to be a restoration of the true church of Jesus Christ is so important to understand as a missionary. Along with that I think they need to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon in the restoration. The Book of Mormon contains a fulness of the gospel, and also witnesses more fully to us that Jesus is the Christ, but for missionaries the key thing to understand is the fact that it is evidence that Joseph Smith was called to be the prophet to restore the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. I would say every priest getting ready for a mission really needs to know that, and then also gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, so that way they do know for themselves that everything taught in the Book of Mormon and by modern day prophets is true. In all honesty, I would go through PMG Chapter 3, and just help everyone understand those basic principles taught in the first 3 lessons taught by missionaries. If you can understand the principles in PMG about the restoration, plan of salvation, and gospel of jesus christ, then you're definitely prepared for a mission.

And that's some really bad news about the D-backs, but oh well. If there going to suck, I'd rather it be the season I miss while on my mission!! Also being a senior companion and district leader wasn't too bad of a transition. Elder Lattin is a really good missionary and we work well together so I don't really have to worry about leading out in lessons and stuff a whole lot. Being a district leader was kinda scary at first, but now it's pretty easy. I'm learning a lot and it's helping me more than any of the teams in the district I think!!

Well I think that's it for me! I love you all and am so glad to hear from you!

Elder Benesch