Tuesday, May 20, 2014

week 41 - Mother's Day is coming

So this week was pretty good!  I had a really fun exchange with Elder Grant on Wednesday, and it was so awesome to be serving with him again!  We had the zone leaders blitz our area so we had 4 elders in our flat and it was a bit of a party haha.  It didn't get too out of hand though cause one of the zone leaders is a really obedient missionary so he did a good job of keeping Elder Lattin and Grant under control.  (they were wrestling and getting pretty into it!!)  We also got to go on exchanges with the AP's yesterday!!  It was way fun; I was with Elder Tinsley who goes home in about 2 weeks and is an incredible missionary.  He works ridiculously hard and is an incredible teacher.  It was great because we were able to teach really well together, and we taught a first lesson to this fijian family who we were referred to and it went awesome!  They are going to read the Book of Mormon and pray and then think about coming to church.  We also taught a less-active member, and for the lesson we just read through the Book of Mormon with him.  We read Alma 3 cause that was where he was at.  It was kinda funny cause if you read it that's where it talks about how the Amlicites marked their foreheads with red, and how the Lamanites were cursed with dark skin for being wicked, and this less-active guy had a lot of questions about it.  However we answered them really well, and it was actually one of the most powerful lessons that I've taught on my mission!  I shared D&C 50:14 with him and explained how in a way the Lord still marks us today, however now it's by the light you can see that shines from someone who is living the gospel, and that those who aren't living the gospel usually are missing that light in their lives.

So anyways with mothers day: We will be going over to a family called the Campbells at 6:30 Scotland time.  That's about all I know, sorry. 

Well I think that's it for me!!  Can't wait to skype on Sunday!! Love ya!  

Elder Benesch