Tuesday, May 20, 2014

week 42 - Loved talking to you guys

I'm not going to include his letter this week because he just answered some questions we had about what to get him for his birthday.  But here's the run down of what we talked about when we Skyped.

We were so excited to talk to Avery that the kids all planned something special for him:  Peyton sang with her ukulele, Malia played a song on the piano, Ethan whistled, and Dakota swayed with a lighter behind Peyton as she sang.  We also showed him a small part of Dakota's youtube video of when he got his wisdom teeth out (so great!  If you haven't seen it you need to look it up under beneschaz1 because there are many videos titled Dakota wisdom teeth).  The Campbell's even came in to watch it because they heard Avery laughing so much.

Avery looked so good!  He was wearing a new European style suit (never thought I'd see Avery in skinny pants!).  He said he liked the weather better in Dalkeith than Irvine (his 1st Scottish area in the Paisley zone) because it only drizzles daily in Dalkeith versus pouring daily in Irvine.

Apparently he loves mission stats so he informed us that most European missionaries have to have 20 investigators (meaning - at least one lesson given) before getting one baptism.  However the Scotland/Ireland typically has 10 investigators to every one baptism.  That being said they are still the one of the lowest baptizing mission.  So it's harder to find an investigator but when they do they are more likely to convert. (We'll call these stats "rounded" figures because Rex & I can't remember exactly)

Avery filled us in on all the details of the treasured day playing softball.  He also talked about his companion & how well they are getting along.  The rest of the hour was just spent shootin' the breeze.