Tuesday, May 20, 2014

week 43 - Moving back to Paisley Zone - as the zone leader

So sadly I am being moved again!!!  I can't believe it, I feel like I just barely got to Dalkeith!  Oh well what can you do.  So I'm moving to Paisley, Scotland and I'm gonna be the Zone Leader there.  To be honest I'm not really looking forward to it but that's just how it goes.  At least I get a car now!  haha my new companion is Elder Windhausen and I am really excited to serve with him!  He was my zone leader for 1 transfer while I was in Irvine and he is awesome!  We should have a fun time together.  He is from Germany, and is the most hilarious missionary I've ever met!  I think he only has like 2 or 3 transfers left on his mission, so I might be his last companion.  I'll also get to go on exchanges to Irvine and see some of the members and investigators there!  Elder Lattin is going to be training a new missionary so he's totally pumped for that.  He'll do a really good job at it, and hopefully they'll be able to get the area going better than it is now!  We were able to teach a lot more people this past week than the weeks before.  We also found quite a few people that seem really interested and I'm pretty sure they'll actually keep the return appointments we've set up with them!  I'll get to teach a few of them before I leave on Wednesday morning.  Ahhh, I just remembered that I have to pack everything again...  Haha I have started to accumulate a lot of stuff so hopefully I can fit it all.  I also really want to have a long area, so hopefully this one will be a long area for me!  Anyway's back to this past week, we also had some really good meetings with our ward mission leader and got some really good ideas going for the ward!  We're (well I guess its they're now) going to do 3 firesides in June, and and open house in july where they give tours of the building to everyone in the community.  Which I don't know if I ever told you guys, but all the buildings over here have to have pretty big gates surrounding it cause vandalism is a big issue.  It's sad cause our church buildings don't really seem the most welcoming because of it, and for the most part no one even knows that the building is an LDS church!  But the open house should help resolve that issue, and more people will start to get to know the church and what our beliefs are.  So now to answer E-dogs question:  No I haven't really tried any new foods lately, but I did have breakfast with one of the members yesterday morning, and we had pancakes with ice cream.  It actually wasn't too bad!  But my stomach didn't appreciate it, and it was rumbling the entire time we were at church.  I also have had a hamburger since I've been over here!  I've had quite a few actually.  If you make them yourself they are pretty good, but usually if you buy them at a restaurant they aren't as good as back home.
So just a quick note, hopefully you haven't sent the ring or the gloves to the Dalkeith address cause I won't be there anymore.  If you did it isn't too big of a deal cause Elder Lattin can just get them for me, but if you haven't sent them yet, you should just have them sent to the mission home.  I'll be there a lot more often than normal cause I'll have to go there at least once a month for meetings.  So if you have it sent there I can get it really easy.
Well that's all I got for this week, Love and miss you all!!!
Elder Benesch