Sunday, June 15, 2014

week 44 - 1st week in Johnston

So the first few days in Johnstone (that's the area we're actually in) have been pretty good!  I'm loving having the car and it's been so nice not having to walk all over!!!  We also have 2 people we're teaching that are going to be baptized the end of June!  So that's really exciting, plus we should have another guy that we will have set a date for his baptism really soon as well.  The ward is quite big!  We had 114 out at sacrament meeting yesterday, which was really exciting!!  They were very welcoming to me and I can't wait to get to meet everyone.  We have a really cool ward mission leader as well.  He is an absolute BEAST when it comes to gospel knowledge.  He has a massive bookshelf just full of tons of books written by apostles and prophets, and he's read them all.  He helps us out a lot with finding joint-teaches so that's really good as well.  As far as being a zone leader, we have to do lots of stuff.  We do quite a lot of exchanges.  For every transfer we go on an exchange with every district leader (so 4), the AP's, and every missionary that is being trained (we have 2 in our zone this transfer).  So that alone can get a bit crazy planning for, plus we have to go to each district leaders district meeting, and then we have to train the zone usually once a transfer, plus we plan zone development day, and do a bunch of reports for the Paisley stake every week.  Then we also have meetings with the high councilmen over missionary work for the Paisley stake and talk about the work.  And then there is something called Mission leadership council in Edinburgh that all the zone leaders go to once a month, and President Brown trains us on his vision for the mission, which we then have to carry out and make sure it starts happening in our zones.  And we do that by holding meetings with the district leaders every month and basically train them on how to do the things President Brown wants us to do.  So we're pretty busy, but it's good cause I love being busy, and we still find time to work in our own area.
So the numbers you were wondering about dad: in our mission every 9.7 new investigators we get we have a baptism.  Everywhere else in Europe averages around 20 new investigators per baptism.  However we still baptize way less than everyone else around us.  So basically what happens in our mission is no one ever wants to meet with us, but when we finally do find someone to teach, there is a much greater chance they will be baptized.  Better than in any other Europe mission.  So President Brown wants us to keep that average of 9.7new = 1 baptism and then just find a ton more new investigators!  That way our total number of baptisms goes up a lot!
Well I'm glad to hear you all have been keeping so well!  I'm really jealous of Dakota going on the cruise!  Being closer to the west coast of Scotland means cold weather again!  It's a lot colder here than it is in Edinburgh, so that's something I'll have to get used to.  I love you all so much and miss you!
Elder Benesch