Sunday, June 15, 2014

week 45 - Z-Day Fun!

We had a blast yesterday!!!!  So it was zone-development day again yesterday, which if you remember that's where the whole zone gets together and we just hang out for a day.  President Brown want's it to build more unity in the mission and help us blow off a little steam.  It definitely did that for me!  We just played rugby, football, american football, ultimate frisbee, and then some funny games that the sisters came up with.  Then we had a BBQ outside the church in paisley.  It was a ton of fun!  Although it was a lot more stressful this time around since me and Elder Windhausen were in charge of it all.  We had to make sure everyone was being safe and keeping mission rules which is sometimes annoying... but it's whatever.  We also had Mission Leadership Council this past week in Edinburgh which was awesome!!!!  It's where all the zone leaders meet with the AP's and President Brown and they train us on the direction they want the mission to go.  We also discuss about how things are going in the mission and ways to improve.  I learned a ton about our mission and most importantly learned just how much the Lord directs his work here in Scotland/Ireland through President Brown.  Our investigators are doing well!!  Xiao is the coolest man ever!!!  I forgot what I've told you about him so I'll just tell you it again just in case.  He is a professor for a university in China and is over here doing some research.  He is RIDICULOUSLY smart and loves to learn.  He can't get baptized yet because he doesn't know what the Chinese government will do to him if he does get baptized.  Hopefully that will be resolved because we are having him email a former missionary from China named Elder Luo who served in Chinatown here in Scotland and was really good at resolving these kind of concerns with Chinese people. (Did I ever tell you that we have 3 area's in our mission that are Chinese speaking?  So about 6 missionaries in our mission got their calls to Scotland/Ireland, chinese speaking)  anyways, he loves to learn and will be baptized as soon as we find out it's okay!  We're teaching him again tonight so hopefully we'll find out if he's been able to get in touch with Elder Luo.  Hannah and Nikki are still looking good for their baptisms on June 22nd, they just need to learn some more.  They struggle a bit with understanding the things we teach them, so we're working really hard to help them understand what they need to before baptism.  Also our investigator Neil Farren is going to be baptized hopefully on June 21st!  He is disabled and has been since he was young.  I think he's paralyzed from the waist down.  He's a hilarious guy who love's Jesus.  We have zone training on Thursday.  I have to train for 4 hours during it! ugh!  Teaching other missionaries is something I started to like as a district leader, but training a TON of missionaries for 4 hours doesn't sound that appealing.  Oh well I gotta get over it and get used to it now! 
Peyton:  What all do you have planned for the summer?  Also what new songs have you been learning on the ukelele?  If you ever get bored over the summer you could learn to play some hymns, then voice record yourself playing them and send them to me!  Haha it might become some famous music to listen to in our mission!  Every one in our mission has USB sticks with all their music on it cause the little portable dvd players we get to watch The District on lets you play music through the usb.  So some elders that are good at music write songs and record them and give it to all the other missionaries they know, so then their music gets famous!  But only in the mission because when you go home you don't really listen to the same music anymore haha.  So yeah you could be famous in the Scotland/Ireland mission if you write a good song on the ukelele!!
Ethan:  Dude I can't believe that you cleared half the wake that many times and landed it easy!!  You're gonna be throwing tantrums by the time I get back!!!  I can't wait to wakeboard again, I miss it a lot, so you'll have to do it a lot for me man!  I went on exchange with a missionary named Elder Thackeray this past week and he's really big into wakeboarding.  His family has a houseboat at lake powell and so that was pretty much all we talked about when we went on exchange because it was the first time either of us had met someone that knew how to wakeboard!!  Also bro at our zone development day yesterday we were playing american football and I almost returned a kickoff for a touchdown with out any blockers.  Everyone on my team was behind me when I caught the ball and instead of waiting for them I just went for it and juked out like 8 people!  Sadly there was an elder from australia who was really quick and tagged me when I was one yard away from the end zone.  I was really happy though cause even though I think i'm getting slower on my mission I'm still fast enough to juke some of the younger athletic missionaries who just came out and are still in shape! haha
Malia!!:  So what are you planning to do this summer?  Basketball camp sounds like it will be a ton of fun!  You'll have to let me know how it goes!  it's too bad you weren't able to get up on the ski's at the lake, but don't worry you'll be able to do it next time!!  I bet by the time I get home you'll be able to do a backflip on the ski's!!  haha what do you think?  Well I hope you have a really fun summer and don't watch too much TV or you just might drive Mom crazy!!  hahah
That's really exciting mom that you are finally done with your reports and stuff!!  I bet that's such a huge relief!!  One step closer to being done with it all.  And I know I really can't believe that it's been 10 months already.  It's scary how fast it goes!  Elder Windhausen goes home in about 4 months and it's weird cause he has to start thinking about university and stuff so much.  I'm really scared to get to that point on my mission cause I still am totally second guessing myself with what I want to do!  Luckily since I still have some time left I just push it aside and forget about it.  But it's scary to think I'll have to figure it out one day, and it'll come faster than I want it to!
My current address: 14 Millview Crescent, Flat 2/2, Johnstone, PA5 8QA, Scotland, United Kingdom
That's all for this week, I love you all so much!  Bye!!
Elder Benesch