Sunday, June 15, 2014

week 46 - Deja-vu with area's this week!

Hello everybody!
This week was a really long one, but it was awesome at the same time!  We've been super busy lately and I've never been as tired on my mission as I've been the past few days, but it's definately been worth it.  We had zone interview training this past Wednesday and we trained missionaries for 4 hours during it!!!  It was rough but fun at the same time because President gave us some really good things to train on.  We taught about the Godhead and why the doctrine is so crucial for us to understand and why we need our investigators to understand the doctrine.  We also trained about how we need to remember the incredible calling we have been given as full-time missionaries!  It was awesome cause we had each missionary read through their mission call letter again, and it's incredible to see how the blessings promised in the letter are already being realized by us!  The biggest one I noticed for myself was the promise that as we come out to serve, we would gain greater knowledge and a greater testimony of the restoration of the gospel.  That is something that has definitely happened for me!!!  It's been so cool to see my understanding and knowledge of the restoration increase in the way it has and also my own testimony of it has grown immeasurably! 
Another cool thing that happened this week was I went on exchanges to both Irvine and Dalkeith!!!!  So I got to go to 2 of my previous areas and do some work there again.  In Irvine I got to teach 4 people that I taught while I was there.  I saw Aaron and Jacqui, Kirsty, and a man named Charles Blakely.  Aaron and Jacqui were still the same, struggling to organize their wedding.  (they've become what we call "eternigators")  But it's okay they will definitely get married and baptized soon, they just need some help from the ward in getting organized.  Then we taught Kirsty, who is getting baptized in a few weeks!  She is almost completely off cigarettes and is ready to take this next step forward in her life!  It was awesome to teach her again, and I was so excited to see how well she has progressed since I left.  I asked President Brown today in my email if I could drive down for her baptism (it's only like 45 min away) and so we'll see what he says about it.  Then I got to go on exchange with Elder Boehme back to Dalkeith the next day!  That was fun as well, but not as exciting as going back to Irvine cause I only left Dalkeith like 2 weeks ago.  Luckily if I stay zone leader I get to have the chance to go on exchanges to Dalkeith just about every transfer.  While I was in Dalkeith we had lunch with the Johnstones who fed us every Saturday when I was there.  It was good seeing them again.  So yeah it was a pretty cool week!
I have to apologize mom, I have taken 0 pictures since I've been here..... but don't worry I'll start taking more now!!  I'm just gonna leave my camera in the car so I have it when I want it.  As far as anything for the package I really can't think of anything that I would want!  If you send another usb I could then put all the pictures I took on it and send that to you.  Also we haven't done any sightseeing since i've been here!  I don't know if there is really that much to see around Paisley, it's kinda one of the dirtiest and nastiest cities in Scotland.  It's basically part of Glasgow, which apparently has been called the armpit of europe.... so yeah we don't do much sight seeing.
chaws sound awesome!!  haha too bad I'm on a bit of a diet right now with Elder Windhausen haha. (for those of you who don't know what chaws is Rex ate it on his mission - it's basically spaghetti sauce with babybel cheese melted in it over rigatoni noodles) I'm really worried I'm gonna start putting on tons of weight being in a car area, so I'm eating super healthy!!!  We have tons of fruit and vegetables and basically just eat rice and chicken.  But those did remind me of some of the funny recipe's I've learned since I've been in the mission!  There are these things called samoan's (i'll send a picture of one) that are absolutely terrible for you, but taste pretty good actually.  So you take an instant noodle packet, and put the noodles in some boiling water for like 30 sec. just to soften them up a bit.  Then you start making scrambled eggs and you put the flavoring packet that comes with the noodles into the eggs before you put the eggs in the pan.  then you put the eggs in the pan and put the noodles on the egg so that they all kind of cook together.  Then you take it out and put it between 2 pieces of toasted bread and eat it like a sandwich!!  Sooooo bad for you but its quick and easy and that's why missionaries make them!  haha
As for a healthier recipe that is popular in our mission.  We use this cereal stuff called Muesli and mix it with melted peanut butter and honey to make some granola that you can eat every morning for the week!  Its way good, especially if you put fresh fruit in with it.
Well that's it for this week, love you all!
P.S.  Peyton have fun at efy and don't have a COW!!! hahahahaha (kota should know what that means)
Elder Benesch

This is what a missionary eats!  The Samoan! I can see why Avery's concerned about his weight!