Tuesday, June 24, 2014

week 47 - Good Week of Exchanges

It was a pretty good week!  We taught a lot of lessons and found a few new people, but then our investigators Hannah, Nikola, and Xiao didn't come to church.  We are probably going to push Hannah and Nikki's baptisms back a few weeks because we both feel they aren't converted enough, and we're going for Conversion not Baptisms.  So we want them to come to church a few more times and receive a little stronger witness that this is the path in life they need to take.  Xiao is awesome though.  We still haven't figured out if the Chinese government will let him get baptized, but he told us he just wants to be a "secret mormon"  hahah.  We taught him about priesthood this past week and he loved it!  He is such an intelligent person, and I love teaching him because you don't really have to simplify things the way you do for just about every Scottish person - just kidding hahaha.  We can give him basically all the knowledge we have on the subject we are teaching him, and at the end of the lesson he will recap how he understands the subject of the lesson, and every time I've taught him he's been perfect at understanding gospel principles!  He usually gives me and Elder Windhausen some insights as well that we never thought of!!  It's also really funny to hear him talk about what he is reading in the Book of Mormon.  The translation apparently can be a little confusing for him sometimes (he has a Chinese Book of Mormon he studies) so he'll ask us questions like what is the "fruit of eternity found in Alma chapter 32?" and just funny things like that.  I also went on exchange with Elder Jaeger White this past week, who's been out about 2 months, and he is from Gilbert as well!  He went to Perry, and lives just on Val Vista and Ocotillo road I think.  He's a pretty funny kid that is super pumped up to be a missionary, and so it was fun to be around him and talk about good ol AZ.  We knew some of the same people from back home as well!  He's so young though!!!!  It's weird seeing 18 year olds out here, cause they are seriously so young and sometimes very immature!!!  It's good though cause sometimes it helps keep things exciting as well.  I think that's it for the week though, I love you all!!

I forgot to include in the email about the world cup!!  It is absolutely INSANE over here!!!!!!!  hahahah  I seriously can't believe how crazy they go about it, especially since Scotland isn't even in it!  All the movie theatres here play all the games live on the big screens, and every time we knock on doors they say "sorry we're watching football! no time for you guys!"  haha and no they definitely don't support England.  The Scottish people really don't like the English so they were all for the Italians over here the other night.  All the members constantly text us the scores to the games, and we didn't even ask them to!!!  My companion is getting a bit trunky with it, but he made the decision that he will not let it affect the work and he's doing good so far!  Germany plays tonight though so that could be bad, especially if we walk by a bunch of pubs and see the game on inside.  Sometimes its a good street contacting approach to just start talking about the world cup with people! Then they start to get friendly and then you hit em with the Book of Mormon!! hahaha little tricks are always the best :)  My favorite is when you are out tracting you ask to use their bathroom, and while you're in the toilet you're companion teaches them.  We only do that when absolutely no one is listening though hah.

Elder Benesch