Tuesday, June 24, 2014

week 48 - Another person wants to be baptized!!!!

So we had some awesome news last night!!
Our investigator Hannah is going to be baptized on July 6th, and she is really excited for it.  So much so that she invited her boyfriend to church to check it out, and then he absolutely loved it!!  We got a text from Hannah last night saying that he (his name is Andrew) wants to become a member of our church!!!  It was so cool!  So we will start teaching him now, and help him to start preparing for baptism.  We are still waiting on news from one of the local pools that has a lift for people in wheelchairs so that we can baptize Neil, but he is still completely set on baptism and can't wait for it!  He is awesome so that's really cool.  Plus Xiao still wants to be a secret Mormon, and so we will need to set a baptismal date for him pretty soon, cause he goes home in the middle of July.  It's crazy to have this many people that desire to be baptized though!!  I almost don't even know what to do!!  Hahah i'm defninitely not complaining though.  We also had some good fun on exchanges with some missionaries. One that I went on was with Elder Griffin, who goes home in a week or so.  It was kinda frightening cause I realized how quick the next year could go, and how I actually have to start thinking about what i'll do after my mission more seriously!  He talked about how if I want to go to BYU I would have to start applying in january/february of next year, and thats only like 7 months away!!! haha I still am pretty sure I will just do a year of community college, but I also want to make sure I'm where I'm meant to be and I haven't really given it much thought/prayer.  I'll figure it out though.  Oh I also gave a talk in sacrement meeting yesterday, and that went well.
 It sounds like you guys are having a pretty exciting summer so far!!  EFY sounds awesome peyton!  I'm glad you had such a good experience there, and also that you didn't have a COW ;) haha well.... except the guy that punched you....  And that's really cool that you are thinking about getting your patriarchal blessing!!  It is definitely something that can really help you through life, and if you feel it's been on your mind for a while, then it probably is the right time.  That's one of the ways the spirit prompts us to things!  By havning something occupy our mind and press upon our feelings.  that's how joseph smith was prompted to share something really important with the members of the church! in D&C 128:1  I'm excited for you! 
Also I haven't gotten my package yet from, but i'm looking out for it!!  Did you send it to the mission home or to my flat??  I will also use the birthday money wisely!  haha if it's okay I probably won't spend it all, and will just wait until next boxing day when the sells are ridiculous, and then I'll buy some really good clothes and suits and stuff... although I might buy just one nice shirt and suit next P-day... :)
The movie you guys should watch to celebrate my birthday is.........
Also tell grandpa benesch I love him and miss him and hope that he heals quickly!!  I'll have to write him and grandma a letter soon.
Love you all!
Elder Benesch