Monday, July 21, 2014

week 52 - Great Conference with Elder Dyches

Happy vacations everyone!!  Sounds like you all are going to be having an awesome week.  Hopefully all goes well and you enjoy yourselves!! (Don't go too crazy Dakota hahahaha) 
This past week was awesome!  The conference we had with Elder Dyches was incredible and we learned a ton of great stuff that is really going to help our mission out I think.  I grew so much just from learning about the principle of Agency from him and how much it helps us as missionaries to have a correct understanding of the principle of agency.  I learned a whole lot about taking full responsibility for the things I can control, and not worrying so much about what I have no control over, because that actually diminishes my agency.  If I let the choice of another determine my happiness, then that means that other person has taken away my ability to decide whether or not I want to be happy.  So I am really working on staying in control of what I can control and not allowing what I can't control affect me as a person.  I also got lots of other cool ideas for how to get members to like us as well as getting better involved with the ward, so I can't wait to start implementing them here in Paisley!!
Hannah got confirmed yesterday, and that was a great experience, she said she had one of the best weeks of her life this past week and feels so much better than she ever has before.  I'm so happy she has made the choice to follow the savior!  Her boyfriend Andrew is still progressing well, and he'll be baptized in August.  He's quite excited about it, and wants Hannah to speak at his baptism!  That'll be really cool to see her give her first talk.  Our investigators Neil and Nikola have decided that they don't want to be baptized anymore.  We did just about all we could to resolve Neil's concerns but He is a pretty stubborn guy, and he isn't budging.  We might see Nikki tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to figure out what's going on with her then.
So I will send some pictures today, and I am going to mail a little package home this week with a USB with all my pictures I've taken so far on my mission on it.  I've gotten really bad at taking pictures, it's just so hard to remember to take any!  I'll work on it though mom.
That's insane that Christian Stoddard is getting home this week!!!  That went by really fast.  I'll have to email him and say congrats.
Well I think that is all from me for the week, I love you all and hope everything is going well!  Bye!!!!!
Elder Benesch
Hannah's baptism

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 51 - Hannah's Baptism

So Hannah got baptized yesterday!!!  It was so cool!  I feel like I've had quite a few people that get close to being baptized while I've been out, but they never quite get there, so it was really cool to see someone finally go through with it!!  The service went really well, and I was the one to actually perform the baptism which was a really good experience as well.  We had a couple of other investigators at the baptism, and they all felt the spirit very strongly!  A few of them that were there want to get baptized now as well, and then on top of it all, we went out knocking right after the baptism was over, and we found 3 REALLY solid people to start teaching!  It was a day of miracles yesterday, and I really felt the lord's hand in the work guiding us and directing us.  It's so cool!!!

This week we also have Elder Timothy J. Dyches coming to tour our mission, so we have a big conference with him on wednesday.  All the leaders have a meeting with him at 8 in the morning, and then he is speaking to all the missionary's in the paisley and glasgow zones at 10 and the meeting will end at 2.  So it should be a long day of instruction, but it will be a very good one!  Elder Dyches is in the Europe Area Presidency, and I think he spoke at conference last october, but don't quote me on that.  I'm pretty excited for it!  So I think I got all the packages you guys sent me!  I got the one with the CTR ring and all the other goodies, plus the one with the 2 gloves from amazon.  I also just bought a baseball from elder bailey, because there was not a single store in all of Paisley that had a baseball!  And Paisley has some pretty good shopping!!  But oh well at least I got a ball.  And if you want mom you could send some treats for my year mark!  It's up to you though, I'm not too big on celebrating things like that.  (you know how I am about birthdays)  Other than that I don't think there is much more new's for you guys this week.  I love you all so much and hope you can make it through the dog days of summer!!!

THE Elder Benesch

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

week 50 - New Comp.

So it's the start of another transfer!!!
Elder Andrews is an awesome guy!  He is a total redneck from Wyoming.  And it works out well cause the other new missionary serving in the Paisley ward is named Elder Wells, and he is a straight up redneck as well!!!  haha today they're going to go rope some stuff for P-day while me and Elder White throw a football around and play a little baseball.  That's if I can find a baseball somewhere!!  I'm not sure if anywhere sells baseballs here, but if I can't find one, Elder Bailey has a few extra that he brought with him from home so he said he'd give me one to use.  This past week was insane with moves.  It's really stressful as a zone leader, because if anything goes wrong you are the one that has to sort it out.  We had a missionary leave his suitcase in Glasgow, and we didn't find out he left it until he was in Belfast in Northern Ireland!  Then when we phoned the Belfast zone leaders and tried to coordinate with them how to get his bag over there, the missionary who left his suitcase had their phone with him in Dublin!  hahaha it was so funny.  Sadly that was apparently a pretty easy moves day, so I'm scared for the next one now. We are working a lot with Hannah this week and everything seems to be going smoothly for the baptism on the 13th!  She is really excited and has come a long way.  We also found out that Xiao, is stuck in London for the next week and then is going back to China.  The Chinese embassy is making him stay in London instead of coming back up to Paisley for his last week.  He was such an awesome guy!!  So that was a real bummer that we couldn't baptize him before he left.  He will hopefully find a way to get to Hong Kong and get baptized after he goes home.  Hannah's boyfriend Andrew is also doing really well!  We are teaching him now and he'll probably get baptized during this transfer, like in the first week of August or something.   So things are going pretty well here in Paisley!!  I definitely will miss Elder Windhausen, but it'll be good to serve with Elder Andrews now.  Also thanks for all the birthday wishes and stuff!  It was awesome!!  So far I've only bought a £30 suit with the b-day money.  So today I'm going to get a few more things (baseball, sunglasses for in the car, and probably a new shirt or tie or something).  Also I think I might order some stuff from deseret book today.  Tell mema, grandpa D and grandad that I'm so grateful for the money and the gifts they sent for my birthday!!!  I love you all so much and miss you!
Elder Benesch

week 49 - short letter - planning transfers

So sorry this will be a really short email cause we are super busy today.  We have to plan out how all the missionaries in the zone are going to move around the mission and make sure they all have companions and all that jazz. Haha it's really annoying and tedious, but that's alright.  I'll be getting a new companion by the way!!  His name is Elder Andrews and he's way cool.  I think he's from Montana or something, so that'll be cool.  I can't believe how quick this past transfer went!  We were so busy all the time.  Me and Elder Windhausen realized yesterday that we haven't even taken a picture with each other yet!  We'll have to take one today.  Love you all and thanks for the birthday presents and stuff!

Elder Benesch