Wednesday, July 9, 2014

week 50 - New Comp.

So it's the start of another transfer!!!
Elder Andrews is an awesome guy!  He is a total redneck from Wyoming.  And it works out well cause the other new missionary serving in the Paisley ward is named Elder Wells, and he is a straight up redneck as well!!!  haha today they're going to go rope some stuff for P-day while me and Elder White throw a football around and play a little baseball.  That's if I can find a baseball somewhere!!  I'm not sure if anywhere sells baseballs here, but if I can't find one, Elder Bailey has a few extra that he brought with him from home so he said he'd give me one to use.  This past week was insane with moves.  It's really stressful as a zone leader, because if anything goes wrong you are the one that has to sort it out.  We had a missionary leave his suitcase in Glasgow, and we didn't find out he left it until he was in Belfast in Northern Ireland!  Then when we phoned the Belfast zone leaders and tried to coordinate with them how to get his bag over there, the missionary who left his suitcase had their phone with him in Dublin!  hahaha it was so funny.  Sadly that was apparently a pretty easy moves day, so I'm scared for the next one now. We are working a lot with Hannah this week and everything seems to be going smoothly for the baptism on the 13th!  She is really excited and has come a long way.  We also found out that Xiao, is stuck in London for the next week and then is going back to China.  The Chinese embassy is making him stay in London instead of coming back up to Paisley for his last week.  He was such an awesome guy!!  So that was a real bummer that we couldn't baptize him before he left.  He will hopefully find a way to get to Hong Kong and get baptized after he goes home.  Hannah's boyfriend Andrew is also doing really well!  We are teaching him now and he'll probably get baptized during this transfer, like in the first week of August or something.   So things are going pretty well here in Paisley!!  I definitely will miss Elder Windhausen, but it'll be good to serve with Elder Andrews now.  Also thanks for all the birthday wishes and stuff!  It was awesome!!  So far I've only bought a £30 suit with the b-day money.  So today I'm going to get a few more things (baseball, sunglasses for in the car, and probably a new shirt or tie or something).  Also I think I might order some stuff from deseret book today.  Tell mema, grandpa D and grandad that I'm so grateful for the money and the gifts they sent for my birthday!!!  I love you all so much and miss you!
Elder Benesch