Monday, July 21, 2014

week 52 - Great Conference with Elder Dyches

Happy vacations everyone!!  Sounds like you all are going to be having an awesome week.  Hopefully all goes well and you enjoy yourselves!! (Don't go too crazy Dakota hahahaha) 
This past week was awesome!  The conference we had with Elder Dyches was incredible and we learned a ton of great stuff that is really going to help our mission out I think.  I grew so much just from learning about the principle of Agency from him and how much it helps us as missionaries to have a correct understanding of the principle of agency.  I learned a whole lot about taking full responsibility for the things I can control, and not worrying so much about what I have no control over, because that actually diminishes my agency.  If I let the choice of another determine my happiness, then that means that other person has taken away my ability to decide whether or not I want to be happy.  So I am really working on staying in control of what I can control and not allowing what I can't control affect me as a person.  I also got lots of other cool ideas for how to get members to like us as well as getting better involved with the ward, so I can't wait to start implementing them here in Paisley!!
Hannah got confirmed yesterday, and that was a great experience, she said she had one of the best weeks of her life this past week and feels so much better than she ever has before.  I'm so happy she has made the choice to follow the savior!  Her boyfriend Andrew is still progressing well, and he'll be baptized in August.  He's quite excited about it, and wants Hannah to speak at his baptism!  That'll be really cool to see her give her first talk.  Our investigators Neil and Nikola have decided that they don't want to be baptized anymore.  We did just about all we could to resolve Neil's concerns but He is a pretty stubborn guy, and he isn't budging.  We might see Nikki tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to figure out what's going on with her then.
So I will send some pictures today, and I am going to mail a little package home this week with a USB with all my pictures I've taken so far on my mission on it.  I've gotten really bad at taking pictures, it's just so hard to remember to take any!  I'll work on it though mom.
That's insane that Christian Stoddard is getting home this week!!!  That went by really fast.  I'll have to email him and say congrats.
Well I think that is all from me for the week, I love you all and hope everything is going well!  Bye!!!!!
Elder Benesch
Hannah's baptism