Thursday, August 21, 2014

week 56 - Me & Elder Andrews are training Elder Penman

So our new trainee is Elder Penman from Ogden Utah!  Haha he's my first companion that I've served with that's been from Utah, so that broke my hopes of being one of the few missionaries that never have a companion from Utah, I thought it would've been quite the accomplishment but oh well.  He's a pretty good kid, and he has a great desire to share the gospel with others, he just doesn't quite know what to say yet!!  Haha, its reminded me a lot of when I was being trained and I was always so worried about what to say and how to say it, it took me like 3 weeks to realize that it's just talking to people and that it's not really that hard to do haha.  I think he'll figure it out quicker than I did though, cause he's pretty prepared to be a missionary.  Andrew was confirmed yesterday and so that was really cool to be a part of!  We had a great lesson about the Holy Ghost with him and every time we teach him and Hannah I'm always so impressed with their knowledge and understanding of the gospel already!!  We're giving them a gospel principles manual to start studying together, and hopefully that will really help them continue to learn.  We taught a new guy named D. this past week as well who said if he found out that the Book of Mormon is true that he would be baptized!!  Elder Penman was the one who invited him to be baptized and he was super nervous about it but did a great job.  It was a really spiritual lesson, and I'm excited to keep teaching D. in the coming weeks.  Those protein pancakes sound pretty good to me and I'm going to have to try those out tonight!!!  Thanks for the recipe mom!  Also if you have any other recipes for quick meals that take less than 20-30 minutes to prepare and cook that would be awesome.  I've been trying to come up with new things to cook cause me and Elder Andrews are getting a bit tired of the regular meals we cook.  We have a lot of other meals that we can cook, but they all take too long to make in the short amount of time we get for dinner, so we always end up making stir fry's, spaghetti, or just sandwiches really fast and stuff like that.  Well that's about it for this week, I love you all and miss you guys!! 
Elder Benesch

week 55 - I'm training a new missionary!

So we had a total shocker last night when we got our moves call, me and Elder Andrews will be staying together for another transfer, but we're going to be training a new missionary at the same time!  It's gonna be absolutely crazy!!  They normally don't have zone leaders train, but because this group coming in is so big, they are having 5 of the 8 zone leader areas train.  So I'll be in a trio companionship, which will be a first for me and it'll be interesting to see how it will work.  All I know is it means I'm gonna be ridiculously busy this next transfer, especially since we have 2 big meetings this transfer that we will be training at, and then we'll have like 7 or 8 exchanges that we'll go on.  There's lots of work to be done! 
So as far as how the week went, Andrew's baptism went really well!!!  Our recent convert Hannah gave an awesome talk during it!  She was really nervous, but ended up doing incredibly well and even said afterwards that she would be open to give it a try again!!  After he was baptized Andrew bore his testimony and it was so powerful!  The spirit was very strong, and I felt so blessed to have been a part of the conversion process for Andrew.  He's learned so much these past few months, and has become a great guy and true follower of Jesus Christ.  Him and Hannah are also planning on going to the temple as soon as they can to do baptisms!!  We are helping them get started on their family history so they can take names with them when they go.  It's great to see so much success happening right now in paisley!  We've been struggling to find new people to teach, but we've got a few now that we've started to work with, and they are pretty nice people so we'll have to hope and pray that they go somewhere.
Well I don't have a whole lot of time because we have to do moves planning, but I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Benesch

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 54 - New people to listen

So we had an alright week, we found a few people who had us around for a lesson and said we could come back, so that was cool!!  Hannah was in the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games yesterday so she missed church, but she said she had a really good time and she's excited for church next week, cause Andrew will be getting baptized!!!  Andrew is super prepared and has learned so much these past few months.  He's so awesome!  We had some really good lessons with him this past week as well.  We'll probably see him a lot this week just to make sure everything is good with him leading up to his baptism.  I also got to go on exchange with Elder Boehme (he's the one who is from mesa and played baseball at mountain view) this past week and sadly, the baseball gloves you got me were not designed to catch a ball thrown over 40 miles an hour.  They both got pretty shredded and about 5 minutes in to our game of catch for morning exercise, there were massive holes in the webbing of the gloves and the ball would go straight through them!!!  So that was a little sad...  but on the bright side the baseballs are totally fine!! hahah speaking of baseball thank you so much for sending some good baseball news!!!  I appreciate it a lot!!!  That was crazy to hear about Peyton, hopefully everything is okay there.  I'll definitely be praying!!!  I thought it was funny that you mentioned how you are watching byu devotionals mom, cause I listen to a ton of them in the car!!!  Instead of listening to music we just listen to talks, and a lot of the one's I have on my usb are byu devotionals.  There are some really good ones that have really helped with learning a lot about the gospel and the doctrines of the church!  

Well I love you all and am glad to hear that you are doing so well, keep the faith as you grind out the last days of the summer before school starts!!  

Elder Benesch

Week 53

Hello everyone! 
It was a pretty long week, we had a few investigators drop us and then to finish it off, no investigators came to church on sunday!  It was a bummer, but we did our best so oh well!  We did get something really cool and exciting going with the stake though!  We were working with the high councilman over misisonary work in the stake and we came up with the idea that every ward sets a goal for how many member-present lessons they want their misisonaries to teach, and then come up with some specific plans to make it happen!  It'll take a while to get it going, but at least we're starting to get the leaders in the stake and wards to make missionary work a more active part of their agenda's!!  Hopefully all works out and we'll start seeing more help from the members.  We also had a few good lessons with Andrew this week, and his baptismal interview is going to be tomorrow.  He is super prepared and I can't wait for his baptism!!  
So mom I did get the package and all the cookies were just fine!!!  I ate them all in like 3 days though and I think my body fat percentage increased like 2%..... but oh well what can you do.  Haha well I was super jealous to hear about all the exciting things going on back home.  I was especially jealous of all the illegal fireworks the little kids got to do!!!!  That used to be my favorite part about going to colorado and utah in the summer!!  That was also really cool to hear about Pierce's song!!  He's gonna be famous one day!!  haha just remember, I was the first one to teach him to play guitar, so all that talent came from yours truly :) hahah just kidding, I still can't play anything on guitar. 
Elder Benesch