Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 53

Hello everyone! 
It was a pretty long week, we had a few investigators drop us and then to finish it off, no investigators came to church on sunday!  It was a bummer, but we did our best so oh well!  We did get something really cool and exciting going with the stake though!  We were working with the high councilman over misisonary work in the stake and we came up with the idea that every ward sets a goal for how many member-present lessons they want their misisonaries to teach, and then come up with some specific plans to make it happen!  It'll take a while to get it going, but at least we're starting to get the leaders in the stake and wards to make missionary work a more active part of their agenda's!!  Hopefully all works out and we'll start seeing more help from the members.  We also had a few good lessons with Andrew this week, and his baptismal interview is going to be tomorrow.  He is super prepared and I can't wait for his baptism!!  
So mom I did get the package and all the cookies were just fine!!!  I ate them all in like 3 days though and I think my body fat percentage increased like 2%..... but oh well what can you do.  Haha well I was super jealous to hear about all the exciting things going on back home.  I was especially jealous of all the illegal fireworks the little kids got to do!!!!  That used to be my favorite part about going to colorado and utah in the summer!!  That was also really cool to hear about Pierce's song!!  He's gonna be famous one day!!  haha just remember, I was the first one to teach him to play guitar, so all that talent came from yours truly :) hahah just kidding, I still can't play anything on guitar. 
Elder Benesch