Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 54 - New people to listen

So we had an alright week, we found a few people who had us around for a lesson and said we could come back, so that was cool!!  Hannah was in the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games yesterday so she missed church, but she said she had a really good time and she's excited for church next week, cause Andrew will be getting baptized!!!  Andrew is super prepared and has learned so much these past few months.  He's so awesome!  We had some really good lessons with him this past week as well.  We'll probably see him a lot this week just to make sure everything is good with him leading up to his baptism.  I also got to go on exchange with Elder Boehme (he's the one who is from mesa and played baseball at mountain view) this past week and sadly, the baseball gloves you got me were not designed to catch a ball thrown over 40 miles an hour.  They both got pretty shredded and about 5 minutes in to our game of catch for morning exercise, there were massive holes in the webbing of the gloves and the ball would go straight through them!!!  So that was a little sad...  but on the bright side the baseballs are totally fine!! hahah speaking of baseball thank you so much for sending some good baseball news!!!  I appreciate it a lot!!!  That was crazy to hear about Peyton, hopefully everything is okay there.  I'll definitely be praying!!!  I thought it was funny that you mentioned how you are watching byu devotionals mom, cause I listen to a ton of them in the car!!!  Instead of listening to music we just listen to talks, and a lot of the one's I have on my usb are byu devotionals.  There are some really good ones that have really helped with learning a lot about the gospel and the doctrines of the church!  

Well I love you all and am glad to hear that you are doing so well, keep the faith as you grind out the last days of the summer before school starts!!  

Elder Benesch