Thursday, August 21, 2014

week 55 - I'm training a new missionary!

So we had a total shocker last night when we got our moves call, me and Elder Andrews will be staying together for another transfer, but we're going to be training a new missionary at the same time!  It's gonna be absolutely crazy!!  They normally don't have zone leaders train, but because this group coming in is so big, they are having 5 of the 8 zone leader areas train.  So I'll be in a trio companionship, which will be a first for me and it'll be interesting to see how it will work.  All I know is it means I'm gonna be ridiculously busy this next transfer, especially since we have 2 big meetings this transfer that we will be training at, and then we'll have like 7 or 8 exchanges that we'll go on.  There's lots of work to be done! 
So as far as how the week went, Andrew's baptism went really well!!!  Our recent convert Hannah gave an awesome talk during it!  She was really nervous, but ended up doing incredibly well and even said afterwards that she would be open to give it a try again!!  After he was baptized Andrew bore his testimony and it was so powerful!  The spirit was very strong, and I felt so blessed to have been a part of the conversion process for Andrew.  He's learned so much these past few months, and has become a great guy and true follower of Jesus Christ.  Him and Hannah are also planning on going to the temple as soon as they can to do baptisms!!  We are helping them get started on their family history so they can take names with them when they go.  It's great to see so much success happening right now in paisley!  We've been struggling to find new people to teach, but we've got a few now that we've started to work with, and they are pretty nice people so we'll have to hope and pray that they go somewhere.
Well I don't have a whole lot of time because we have to do moves planning, but I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Benesch