Tuesday, September 23, 2014

week 57 - Tough week, but z-day was awesome! 8/26/14

Well, we had a really difficult week.  We didn't teach a single investigator lesson.  We now only have 2 investigators that are willing to meet with us, and they only want to meet like once every 2 weeks or so.  And then both of them didn't come to church on Sunday!  So it was just a real bummer all the way around.  But even though it was such a tough week, I still feel really good about myself, because I know we did everything that we possibly could to invite others to come unto Christ!  Whether or not people choose to listen to us is out of our control, and therefore does not determine our success.  Our success can only be determined by the things that we can control, and we definitely did the best we could with the things we can control and I know because of that we were successful in the eyes of the Lord this week!  Even with all the bad stuff that happened this week, there is still plenty of good that I can tell you all about though!  Our investigator D. has been studying the Book of Mormon quite a lot over the past week and he said he's progressing really well with it!  So even though we didn't get to see him all week, it was good to know that he is still interested and is trying to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  Also we had an awesome zone-development day yesterday!  We played kickball, soccer, american football, and then a bunch of fun games like mafia, uno, and other card games.  Then we had some good hamburgers and chicken burgers for dinner, and finished the day with an amazing testimony meeting!!  The testimony meeting was definitely the highlight.  Someone had said at MLC that they thought it might be a good idea to do a testimony meeting at the end of z-day and we decided to try it, and we were so glad we did!!  It was an incredible spiritual experience for me, and gave me a much needed boost to continue to work hard and fight on with sharing the gospel with everyone I can!  Elder Penman has been doing really well!  He is definitely a good example to me and Elder Andrews of someone who wants to work hard and help others.  He has a strong testimony of how the gospel can truly help us in our lives and it's great to see him testify of that to people on the street!  It's just too bad that we didn't have the area going better for him when he got here!  Oh well what can you do.
So I want to say thank you Mom for all the recipe's!!  I'll have to try a few out this week. 
Malia that's so cool that you were able to find your wallet!!!  I bet you were really happy, love you too!
E-dog, that's pretty impressive that you were able to wakesurf for that long my man!!  By the time I get back you'll probably be better at it  than I am!!!  haha we'll have to have a competition when I get back!
I haven't heard anything about a volcano in Iceland, that's crazy if it is going to have a big impact on Britain!!  It was definitely a bit colder this week than the weeks before, but it wasn't a major difference.  And no there was no snow this week.  I have still yet to see snow in Ireland or Scotland since I've been out, but maybe this winter will be the one since last winter apparently wasn't as bad as it usually is.  (I'm a bit scared for it, I won't lie haha)
Well I think that's it for this week, Love you!!!
Elder Benesch