Tuesday, September 23, 2014

week 58 - Miracles this week! 9/1/14

So we had a pretty incredible week!!  We've been working really hard to find new people to teach since Andrew was baptized and have been really struggling, but we finally had a breakthrough!  We found a woman named N. and she is incredible!!  Our first lesson with her was a great experience.  Right after we said the opening prayer, she broke down in tears and started to say she needed to come to our church and she also felt like she needed to stop smoking as well as drinking coffee and tea!!  (This is all before we've taught her anything)  It was amazing to see the Holy Ghost working on her heart and letting her know immediately what it was she needed to do to become closer to God.  We were able to then teach a great lesson about the atonement of Jesus Christ as well as establish with here that we are going to show her the steps she needs to take in her life to have the atonement change her as an individual, and we ultimately invited her to be baptized to which she said she would once she came to know it was true and felt ready to make the step in her life!  So that was our little miracle of the week!  We also found 2 other people who are quite prepared to listen to what we teach, and when we visited this one woman named L., we brought Hannah and Andrew along with us, and they had a great experience teaching someone for the first time!!  Hannah couldn't stop talking about it afterwards and she wants to go out and share the gospel with others all the time now!!  It was so awesome to have them out there with us, and you can really see the changes for the better that is happening in their lives now!  We are hoping that Andrew can get the Aaronic Priesthood soon, but I think we're still waiting on his records to come so it might be a bit of time. 
Well I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!  Bye!!!!
Elder Benesch