Tuesday, September 23, 2014

week 59 - Great experiences at Stake Conference 9/8/14

Not sure who this bloke is but he is definitely Scottish

This past week was a pretty enjoyable one!!  We had a great zone meeting on Tuesday, and then an awesome mission leadership council where we were able to learn a lot about the principle of faith and President Brown gave some pretty cool insights about it.  We also had some good conversation about what the mission needs and overall I felt really uplifted afterwards!!  Then we had a couple good exchanges and to finish off the week we had Stake Conference which was definitely the highlight!  There was a visiting Area Authority Seventy whose name I don't think I can spell correctly hhaha.  It was Elder Fingela, he was from Germany and He Was AWESOME!!!  He gave some wonderful talks and presentations about how missionary work needs to be done by the members in order for the work to hasten here in Europe!  He talked a lot about all of the simple ways there are to invite our friends to learn about the gospel, or at the very least attend a sacrament meeting or any other church activity.  His emphasis was primarily on inviting EVERYONE instead of picking just 1 person or family to work on at a time, which is perfect because that is what we have been trying to emphasize with the members here!  He shared a cool story about the youth from a stake in Hungary.  There were about 74 youth from the stake, and after a fireside on missionary work, each one of them wrote down 10 friends they could invite to attend FSY (their version of EFY).  They then invited each of those people and from their stake there were over 100 youth that attended FSY that year!  Meaning they had brought with them over 26 non-members to attend.  Just goes to show that the more people you invite, the higher the chance that you will have someone attend (funny how that works isn't it?? haha)  So we have been pushing this big time with members, having them focus on ways they can invite everyone they know instead of focusing on 1 individual they have picked to work on.  What was awesome as well is I got some time (like 2-3 min.) to talk with Elder Fingela after conference about how we as missionaries can present this idea to members in all of our appointments with them, and he gave me some way good ideas that we're starting to use!  Hopefully the members will catch the vision now!
Another cool part of stake conference was that I got to see a ton of people from Irvine!  It was awesome talking with some of them again, and I'm pretty blessed to have been able to get to know them all and have seen them again.
The trio has been alright so far!  I'm not sure if we'll be in a trio still after this transfer or not, but we'll find out in a few weeks!  And the vote has been going crazy over here!  The other day I was on exchange in Pollok which is basically in Glasgow, and we were knocking on some doors when out of nowhere 50 no vote campaigners came out of nowhere knocking on doors and telling people to vote no!!!  It was a bit crazy, so we had to leave and go knock some other area.  I just can't wait for it all to be over so people stop asking us what we're voting for in the referendum!!
Well thats about it for this week, love you all so much!!
Elder Benesch