Tuesday, September 23, 2014

week 61 - Moving to Bangor!!! (Northern Ireland)

So I just got a new assignment to go serve in Belfast with Elder Thackeray!  I'm really sad to leave Paisley, it's been one of my favorite area's so far, and I had a ton of fun serving here and working with the members.  Oh well that's just how mission's go though right?  haha Elder Austin also became a zone leader this transfer so I'll get to see him again at mission leadership council in a few weeks.  Plus we'll be on the ferry over to Ireland together!! (He's the new Dublin ZL)  It's been like half a year since our paths have crossed so that'll be fun.  The ward I'm going to is called the Bangor 1st ward, and it's in a pretty nice part of northern Ireland, just like a 30-45 minute drive outside of Belfast I think.  The stake president is really cool and apparently we work with him a lot so that's really exciting!!
I can't email that long today because we have to take care of all the travel plans, and there is a TON that happened this transfer, so I just want you all to know I love you and will email you a lot more next week!!

Elder Benesch