Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 62 - First week in Belfast

This has been such an amazing week!!!  I am so happy to be serving here in Bangor.  The ward is so incredible, and they do such a good job with taking care of us and trying to help us see some success!  Plus the stake is amazing as well!  The stake president wants to help us out as much as he can, and he pushes missionary work really well!!  He is constantly inviting members to be better as missionaries, and he himself is great at member missionary work!  As of right now we don't have anyone we are working with, so that's a bummer... but the first night I was here we did find someone and taught him the first lesson the next day and we are supposed to meet up with him sometime this week!  He said he would come to church but didn't show, and has told us he's not sure what time he could meet this week, so he isn't very solid, but oh well, he's all we got to work with for now.  Hopefully he stays interested and meets with us again because the gospel could provide a lot of healing that he needs in his life just now.  

I had no idea carly is coming home from her mission in a few weeks!!  That's insane!  I thought she still had a while left.  And I also had no clue shelly was dating someone, that's so crazy that she's engaged now!!!  Too bad I won't be home for it... That's some really exciting stuff that's been happening!  You'll have to tell her congrats from me.  

Also I feel really bad that I didn't tell you happy birthday e-dog.  Time just goes so fast out here and gets flipped upside down that I don't even realise when any big events from back home are supposed to be going on.  (I even forgot that the baseball season is like almost over, I was thinking the all-star break would've been coming up soon haha).  Anyways happy late birthday!!!!! It's so cool that you're a deacon now man!  I can't wait to come back home and see how much bigger you are.  Also keep being a beast with the football man!

Peyton that is so exciting that you got your patriarchal blessing!  That would've been such a cool thing to have been home for.  Patriarchal blessings contain some powerful promises in them, and can be such a big help for you throughout your life!

Well, I love you guys so much, and hope everything is going well.  Thanks for being such a great family and also being so supportive of me while I'm out here!!  Keep letting me know if I forget stuff, cause I guarantee I will.  Not to make excuses or anything, but life is way busy lately.  Oh yeah and I'm still a zone leader dad, so I still got a ton of stuff to do.  A few days ago we planned for a meeting while we drove across the entire country of Northern Ireland to interview someone for baptism.  (They got baptised this past sunday so it was totally worth it!)  but it's just always so crazy having to take care of so much stuff.  We go to coleraine today, and then fly to edinburgh for a meeting on wednesday, and then we have exchanges this friday as well, plus we have to plan out our zone development day sometime this week for next tuesday, and blah blah blah... it never ends!!  I shouldn't complain though because it is really good sometimes.

Anyway I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Benesch