Tuesday, October 21, 2014

week 65 - Good Study of Faith for Zone Conference

Hey everyone!!  It was a pretty busy week with zone conference and some meetings stuff, but it was awesome as well!!  Preparing for zone conference was the coolest part I think for me, because I did a ton of studying on the principle of faith and how it can make an impact on our efforts in missionary work.  It was really interesting to read just a ton of talks about faith and to just go really in depth into what it is, and I learned a ton about it!!  At the same time though I have even more questions now than I had before about how faith really works, which is cool as well!  But one cool thing me and my companion found in the Book of Mormon was in Ether 12:14 where it talks about how because of the faith of Nephi and Lehi, a change was wrought upon the lamanites and they were baptized with fire and with the holy ghost.  So because of the immense faith of 2 missionaries a ton of lamanite hearts were changed by the Holy Ghost!!  It made us realize that we can't always just use other peoples agency as an excuse when we don't help someone have a change of heart.  We can have an effect on things like that, because the Lord has great power, but he exercises that power according to the faith of men. (Moroni 10:7)  So if we have a TON of faith, the lord can use more spiritual power to change the hearts of the children of men.  In other words, we CAN actually effect whether or not peoples hearts change by determining how much power the Lord can use. If we have weak faith, then the lord will only be able to use a small amount of power to try and change the hearts of those we speak to. if we have faith like Nephi and Lehi, or the Brother of Jared, or like Ammon, or any one else that saw miracles happen in their lives because they had exceedingly great faith, then the lord is able to use much greater power, and will be able to cause a mighty change of heart to happen in people!!  It made me want to develop a ton more faith, so I'm still doing some study of it right now!  We also met a few new people to start teaching named J. and K..  They're both kinda atheist at the moment, but we'll see what happens after they read through the book of mormon and try praying!

Other than that I can't think of anything else to exciting to report to you all about!  Haha, there probably is something else, but I don't really remember...

So dad I was actually thinking about school and stuff after my mission a lot this past week!  (I'm not at all trunky though don't worry haha)  Mainly since Elder Windhausen went home last transfer and is stuck waiting to start school for a year cause he didn't get all of his application stuff in on time; he didn't want to bother with it while he was out here on his mission.  And it just made me think that I don't want something like that to happen to me!!! I've been thinking a lot about philosophy as a major though and then going into law school, but I would want to find out if philosophy is actually a good thing to study to prepare me for law school.  I might email my philosophy professor at SVU about it, he's emailed me a couple times since I've been out and so maybe he could let me know what would be best.  Since Elder Cook's talk at conference I've been really thinking about whether or not I should make baseball a focus after my mission though!!  I think I should definitely put education as a higher priority when I'm choosing which school to go to.  But oh well... as you can tell I don't really know what to do yet!!  I still have plenty of time to decide though.

Congratulations on finishing your licensure test mom!!!!!!!  Wooooooo!!!
I'm very happy for you and glad that you've been able to do so well in your studies, now you're officially smarter than Dad is!!!  Hahah

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Benesch
Flying to Edinburgh for zone leadership stuff.