Tuesday, November 4, 2014

week 66 - Just another week on the mish

So when I sat down to email today, I literally could think of nothing to email about!!  hahaha it was really just another week.  I just can't believe it's already Monday again!  Oh well I guess that's just shows how I'm totally in the missionary time warp!  The clocks went back an hour this last Saturday, and so now it's pitch black outside by 5:30 again, and it really feels like winter has set in.  People are starting to hide in their houses which doesn't help us when we want to go out and talk to people!!!  And then the one's that do go outside are a bit crazy for some reason haha.  Yesterday morning we went to do some street contacting in the city for a bit before church, and some old guy tried hitting Elder Thackeray with his cane.  It was so funny!!!  The poor guy just walked away after missing Elder Thackeray and was banging on the walls and the ground with his cane yelling and screaming the whole time.  So that was an exciting event I guess!  All the missionaries in the zone are getting sick right now which is a real bummer cause it's hindrance to the work moving forward.  We are struggling so much in our zone to get things moving, and now there's like 5 teams that are confined to their flats all day, and so they can't get out and find people.  Hopefully everyone else will start drinking orange juice and washing their hands so that they don't get sick as well!  On Wednesday we have MLC again which is really exciting since President Brown just got back a few days ago from a mission presidents seminar in Portugal, and so he should have some really good insights for us from the area presidency and other seventies that were there.  Maybe he'll even have some news for us on iPads!!!  But we'll just have to wait and see.

As far as recipe's for Pierce that I like, we really just eat a lot of boring stuff to stay healthy.  I make a ton of stir fry's, as well as indian curry's which is really popular over here.  Omelette's are great in the morning, but I mainly do this granola that I make myself which is really good.  It's this swiss muesli stuff mixed with peanut butter and honey to make some good granola.  I make a batch of it at the beginning of the week and then like halfway through the week and it does me good.  We also make spaghetti which is just easy to do.  Fajita's can be good as well and they can be kinda quick.  That's really about it!!  It's just hard to get creative on the mission since there's never time to cook.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!  Bye!!
Elder Benesch