Tuesday, November 4, 2014

week 67 - New Compadre Again

So I will be getting another new companion which will be fun!  I was totally shocked when I found out Elder Thackeray was moving though!  He had only been here for 2 transfers, and we were so sure that we would be staying together for at least one more transfer!  But oh well I guess that's how it goes, my new companion is Elder Nordfors, who is an awesome missionary and I'm way pumped to serve with him.  He's from Utah and I've met him a few times and we get on really well.  He is a soccer player and I think he'll play for Utah Valley when he goes home, so I'm looking forward to picking up some skills from him!!  haha

So I'll have to make this a short email since we are doing move's planning, but as far as how the week went, we didn't really see a whole lot of success, but we were able to meet a less-active family and we're going to see them this Wednesday for dinner and then teach them a lesson afterwards!!  The dad was elders quorum president back when he was actively attending church, so it's cool that solid people like that are wanting to get back to church!  Hopefully we'll be able to do what we can to help them come back and stay active.  The ward is also really supportive, and I feel bad that we haven't been able to find someone to teach!  The ward is so ready for a baptism, and we really just need to go out and find someone to make that happen.  All it takes is hard diligent work and doing all we can to invite everyone to learn about the gospel!

Well I hope all goes well with the ironman dad!!  I'm excited to hear about the results on next Monday!  Thank you guys for all the love you show to me and all the prayers!  It helps so much!  Love you guys!!

Elder Benesch

P.S.  Hey I have an idea of something I may want for Christmas!!  I've been kinda wanting Noah Websters 1828 American English dictionary.  I have no idea where to get one or how much they would cost, but that may be something to check out for me!  I want it because it would have the definitions of the words used in Joseph Smiths time so they would probably give me the best understanding of what words in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants mean.  I think it would be an awesome thing to have while I study!!

This is the tiger that guarded the Paisley Zone Leader flat!! Haha every zone leader that served there has signed it for the past 3 years. It was originally found in Dalkeith and then a missionary took it with him to the flat in Paisley when he became a zone leader, and that's where it started! Haha just one of those funny mission traditions that come about.