Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 68 - Crazy moves week, but really good week!

So we've had a crazy week!  On moves day we had a ton of people leave, as well as a ton of mix-ups/missionaries missing buses/ferries being late.... the list goes on.   Ultimately it didn't mess us up too bad, but it was still pretty crazy.  Elder Austin down in Dublin had to deal with a lot though!  I think the craziest story I heard was the zone leaders in paisley had to drive a few people who missed their bus 2 hours to catch the ferry over to Ireland on time!!  Luckily I wasn't there for that one haha.  But after all the madness, we had some great success over the weekend.  We taught a man on saturday who is a bit of a nutcase but hey it's someone we can teach!  haha we'll see him again tonight and hopefully we can get our message across in a way that he'll understand and feel good about.  We also met a mother of 3 who is having us around this week, her husband is getting PHD in astrophysics, so it should be a really good family to teach if he's interested as well!  We also met a girl who is like 19 or 20 and has a 3 year old and is living on her own.  She's been thinking a lot about God lately, so it seems like a good time in her life to meet us!  We see her on tuesday, so hopefully that goes well!!  It's weird cause we haven't really done anything different this week from past weeks, but we're seeing some crazy good things happen!  I have no idea what it is, but we'll keep doing whatever it is that's working.

So I have some kinda bad news... I'm going to have to get a driving license.  Mine expires in a month and a half or so, and Elder Nordfors can't drive (too bad they didn't send me a companion who could drive still!)  And so I'll probably be using a lot of money over the next few weeks to get that going.  It costs me like 60 pounds to get my provisional and then like 15 for the theory test and then I'm hoping the mission will pay for the practical test.  Apparently its really tough though so I'm scared I'll fail and we won't have a car for a while!  So I think a northern ireland driving license is a good christmas present!!  So scratch the dictionary idea...

Congrats on the Ironman dad!!!  That is so sick that you got it done!!  I definitely want to do one when I get back, maybe after a few years though hahaha.  Also what is the Spartan race Dakota was wanting to do?

Well we only have a short time to email again because we have some stuff to take care of.  But I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!